Doing This One Thing at Airport Security Could Cut Your Wait Time in Half

You’ll never have to sprint to your flight gate again!

Doing-This-One-Thing-at-Airport-Security-Can-Cut-Your-Wait-Time-in-Half_6089373j_EDITORIAL_Elaine-ThompsonAPREXElaine Thompson/AP/REX/Shutterstock

For most of us, waiting in lengthy airport security lines has become the rule, rather than the exception. And navigating through TSA security is probably more treacherous than the trip you’re embarking on. Not only is it invasive, but correctly following all of the detailed protocols can be tricky, too. (And watch out for these four letters; they guarantee you a longer wait.)

But as it turns out, there is a trick to getting through that lengthy security line—without blowing your cash on a TSA PreCheck pass. Don’t make these mistakes before your next flight, either.

The secret? Choose the security checkpoint line farthest to the left; travel experts say it’s often the shortest line in your terminal. Since most people are right-handed, research shows they intuitively turn to the right-most line right away, leaving the left ones for those willing to book it a little further. Check out even more things your TSA agent isn’t telling you.

To speed up your turn at the convenience belt, “the right carry-on bag [is key],” travel expert Dara Continenza of Hopper, an airfare-predicting app, told Southern Living. “Choose a lightweight carry-on bag with four wheels that handles easily and can be lifted onto a table with little effort.” Bags with an outside compartment for your laptop is helpful for expediting the process, too.

And if you still find yourself sprinting to your flight gate? Next time, it might be worth it to splurge. These 6 pre-screens will speed you through airport security.

[Source: Southern Living]

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