One Monopoly Piece Will Be Sent to Jail, Permanently

Hasbro is sending one of their iconic Monopoly tokens to jail for good.

monopoly carHasbro is sending one of their iconic Monopoly tokens to jail for good. In an effort to refresh the 110-year-old board game, the toy giant has crafted a new cast of pieces, one of which will replace either the classic race car, the iron, the Scottie terrier, the wheelbarrow, the shoe, the top hat, the battleship, or the thimble. Players can vote in a Facebook poll, “Save Your Token,” for the original token they want to be spared.

Even if your memory of the game has been forever tarnished by a heated argument over Park Place, the interactive poll is fun to browse. The classic pieces are arranged in a line-up, and each has a “case file” listing the year it was invented and its pros and cons.  You can also meet the new pieces—a robot, a diamond ring, a cat, a helicopter, and a guitar—and pick the best addition to the token team.

I’ve always been partial to the thimble, or “hat for tiny mammals” if you’d prefer to see it that way, which isn’t holding very well  against the more popular Scottie and race car. Apparently this means I’m easily entertained, according to a Flavorwire piece that stereotypes your personality by your favorite Monopoly piece.

Photo credit: Rich Brooks/Flickr Commons

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