You’d Be Shocked by How Many Americans Believe in Aliens

Extraterrestrial life has been the topic of plenty of comics, TV shows, and movies. But who in America actually believes that aliens are real?


When mysterious radio signals are detected on earth, some people think it. When mysterious radio signals are detected on earth, some people think it again. When anything inexplicable happens, and people need to turn to memes to respond, people definitely think it. It’s aliens.

But in reality, how many people really believe that extraterrestrials are behind life’s great mysteries? Who really believes that they exist outside of Close Encounter of the Third Kind, E.T., and Mack and Me? According to Halloween Express, most Americans do. NASA is on to something with this job posting for a Planetary Protection Officer, then. 

A new survey conducted by the Halloween retail company asked 1,000 participants across the U.S. how they felt about all sorts of cryptids, from Bigfoot to the Boogeyman. And when it came to aliens, 62 percent of Americans believed they are for real. Aliens were the most believed in entities, beating out 13 other legendary creatures for the top spot.

Some other notable numbers from the survey: only 10 percent of Americans think that zombies are legitimate monsters, but 50 percent of Americans believe that ghosts in the form of spirits are real. If you’re included in that 50 percent, be sure to find out the scientific explanation for why you might be haunted by ghosts.