Ironing Is So Much Less of a Chore, Thanks to the Space-Saving Nori Press Steam Iron

Goodbye, wrinkles, hello, no-headache ironing!

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Have you ever started to get dressed only to realize your outfit needs ironing? A flat iron works in times of desperation, but otherwise pulling out an iron, ironing board or steamer is a time-consuming affair. Plus, if you’re an overpacker, there’s simply no space for dry-cleaning accessories. Thankfully, the Nori Press is a two-in-one problem solver that makes clothes look fresh in minutes.

The Nori Press steams and presses clothes without the need for a bulky ironing board or faulty hotel iron. It’s also leak-free so there’s no risk of water stains on sensitive fabrics. We’ve all tried to get clothes wrinkle-free without an iron, but with the Nori, you don’t need to.

What is the Nori Press? 

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The Nori Press works like a hair straightener for your clothes to skip a trip to the dry cleaners. The double-sided aluminum plates mimic that of an iron to provide a seamless press every time. Because there are two plates, the garment’s front and back are pressed at the same time. Elongated arms even help get a deeper press without adding new wrinkles in the fabric.

The steam iron weighs less than 2 pounds and measures a little over 1 foot in length. While we wish it was cordless, but the 8-foot swivel cord provides just enough length for those hard-to-reach areas. The water tank holds about 1 ounce of water, so refilling it may be necessary if clothes pile up on laundry day.

You won’t have to wonder if you left the iron on, because the Nori Press automatically turns off after 10 minutes of no movement. It also comes in six colors, including white, green, blue, navy, hunter green and pink. The brand sells a traveling case separately with a heat protectant liner to safely stow the press in a large toiletry bag, work tote or luggage.


  • Steams and presses clothes without an ironing board
  • Portable and compact for on the go
  • Can be used on polyester, silk, wool, denim, cotton and linen
  • Double aluminum plates work on both sides of the garment
  • Lightweight (weighs less than 2 pounds)
  • Automatic shut-off is a bonus safety feature


  • On the pricier side for a steam iron
  • Fabric facial solution and travel case are sold separately

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How to use the Nori Press

When filling the steam port, Nori recommends adding its Fabric Facial cleaning solution (though distilled water with a few drops of essential oil works, too).  The solution works as a deodorant and sanitizer for clothing, and a fresh scent is left in its wake for all-day freshness.

The press has six fabric-specific heat settings that can be adjusted as needed. It works on almost every fabric in a capsule wardrobe and beyond, including polyester, silk, wool, cotton, denim and linen. Just hang the garment on a hook or over the door and give wrinkled areas a few passes with the iron. Sleeves and pant legs are easiest to cover, but with a little practice, you’ll be an ironing pro.

Because of its compact size, the Nori Press works best on clothing and smaller garments, not larger areas, such as curtains. It also fits perfectly in a personal item or carry-on if you want to take it on the go. Otherwise, stow it in a utility closet or bathroom storage for safekeeping.

After making sure your clothes are crisp and the tool has cooled down, wipe the plates with a cotton cloth to prevent residue buildup. If the plates do start getting cakey, use a damp sponge to restore them. Sometimes buildup can nestle into the steam vents, but that can be fixed with a Q-tip and steaming over an old cloth. Here are more tips on how to clean an iron.

Why shoppers love it 

The Nori Press is a hot item (literally) among shoppers and travelers.

Verified purchaser, Jessa M., says the Nori Press is her “quick fix iron.” She uses hers every day before work and writes that it’s the “perfect hack for people like me who hate to iron.”

“I used to plug in my iron, set up my ironing board and wait forever for my iron to heat,” says five-star reviewer, Ally B. “The Nori heats up in less than a few minutes and gets really hot. I love the fabric settings and the longer arms. It lived up to expectations!”

Barbara, another verified purchaser, loves the Nori for everyday refreshes. “I live in New York City and find myself turning to this device for jeans, button downs, my husband’s cuffs and collars, pillowcases and more,” she writes. As a self-proclaimed dry-cleaning fanatic, “this definitely has meant fewer dry-cleaning runs. I highly recommend!”

Where to buy the Nori Press 

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You can shop the Nori Press directly from Nori’s website for $120. You can also add the press to your cart on Amazon, Nordstrom and Williams Sonoma. You’ll never have to deal with wrinkles again!

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