This News Crew Saved a Man Live on Television During Hurricane Harvey

Some good news coming out of Texas.

A few weeks ago, expert forecasters predicted that this hurricane season was going to be one of the worst in years. The outlook included a prediction of a 60 percent chance of two to five major storms developing before the season was up, and with the emergence of Hurricane Harvey, that forecast is nearing completion.

When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, it was classified as a Category 4 storm and it has since weakened to a tropical storm. However, its effects are still wreaking havoc on Texas, leaving death and destruction in its path. The storm could have taken one more life if not for the heroic efforts of local news crew in Houston, according to Jalopnik.

During a live hit during KHOU’s broadcast, reporter Brandi Smith spotted a truck driver trapped in the cab of his tractor-trailer and jumped into action. She managed to flag down a sheriff’s truck that was headed down the highway and notified them of the situation below.

The sheriff officials stopped and took in the situation, then were able to lower their boat into the waters to free the driver from his cab and the flood waters. The officials noted that a different truck driver had been stranded in the same place the day before.

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[Source: The Daily Beast]

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