This Is Why You Should Never Buy Luggage in Stores

The price point difference is kind of absurd.


Travel can be pretty perilous as it is. Airplane cabins are crawling with germs, airports are getting taken over by robots, and your luggage lock is about as useful as a piece of linguine when it comes to protecting your stuff. But that’s just the act of travel itself. Even before you step on the plane, you’ve got some challenges to face when it comes to picking the right vessel to carry all of your stuff in. (Here’s a handful of signs that your luggage is up to snuff.)

Luggage is an investment, but most people probably have the purchase process all wrong, according to Test Facts. Apparently buying luggage in an actual luggage store and encountering Bonnie and Clyde on a road trip are the same thing, because they’re both highway robbery.

If a traveler opts to shop online, the savings can be huge, to the tune of 39 percent, or 110 dollars, on average. Sure, you might just think you found the perfect, entirely unique, one-of-a-kind attache case to bring with you as your personal item, but odds are you can find it elsewhere because 88 percent of all luggage you find in a store is available on the web.

But there are things to watch out for when shopping online. For example, the higher the discount, the lower the review, so you should always have a happy balance between cost and durability. Nobody wants their unmentionables sprawled all over the airport when their carry-on combusts suddenly.

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