If You Have Any of These Names, You’ll Probably Own a Mansion One Day

If your name is Anne, Peter, or Stuart, we've got good news!

It might seem crazy to think that our names can play a part in determining our futures. However, New Republic reports that our names might have a lot to do with what career we choose. Not only that, but in late June, Zillow published an interesting study revealing that people with certain names are more likely to own valuable homes.

After analyzing over 70 million United States property records, Zillow compiled their “Top 20.” These are the names that, when all homeowners with that name were assessed, had the highest median home values. For 14 of them, the median value is over $300,000. (Here’s how a single paint color can add major value to your home.)

Stuart tops the list, with a median value of $334,022. (And that’s the median—so half of the homeowners named Stuart have homes more valuable than that!) Some of the names are very common, with Alison, Alexandra, and Peter all in the top five. Some are less common: names like Salvatore (#7), Marina (#9), and Gerard (#14). (Here are some cool, unique baby names that are on the rise.)

If-You-Have-Any-of-These-Names,-You'll-Probably-Have-a-Mansion-One-DayTatiana Ayazo/rd.com, shutterstock

Zillow also found the most valuable homeowner names in 45 out of 50 U.S. states—and there are quite a few duplicates! Peter dominates the southeast, owning the most valuable houses in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky. People named Anne own the most valuable homes in 10 different states, many of them in the northwest. Some, however, are limited to a single state, like Randall in Kansas and Amy in Arkansas (but that’s still impressive!). (Related: here are the funniest town names in every U.S. state.)

If-You-Have-Any-of-These-Names,-You'll-Probably-Have-a-Mansion-One-DayCourtesy Zillow, Inc.

Finally, Zillow made a map showing the most popular homeowner name in each of the same 45 states compared to the rest of the country. They determined this by comparing the percentage of homeowners with this name in the whole country with each individual state, finding out which name “over-performed” the most in each state. This might have more to do with name popularity by state, but it’s still very interesting—some of these names are pretty unique! Heidi in Washington and Oregon; Kari in North Dakota and Minnesota; Vernon in Alaska. (Homes are 3.5 times more likely to be owned by a Vernon in Alaska than anywhere else in the country!)

If-You-Have-Any-of-These-Names,-You'll-Probably-Have-a-Mansion-One-DayCourtesy Zillow, Inc.

So, if you’re looking for baby names and want to make an investment in the future, go for one of the Top 20 names and cross your fingers that you’ll get to visit your kid in a mansion one day! Or go by state—if you live in Montana, consider the name Martha, for instance. Or, if you just want to add value to your own home, try out these easy, budget-friendly ways.

Source: Zillow, Inc.

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