Nearly 40,000 5-Star Reviews Say the Mudbuster Makes Cleaning Dog Paws Easy

When you have a dog, muddy paws happen. I'm a pet expert and one of the nearly 40,000 Amazon customers who use the Mudbuster to keep furry feet clean and my floors tidy.

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Here in North Texas, spring brings rain that turns backyards soggy. Sure, rain brings flowers, but it also transforms our furry companions into mudpuppies. Some breeds love getting wet and seek out the boggiest spots to romp. Other dogs like to dig for fun or kick up dirt after eliminating to mark their territory. Mud is a different beast than pet hair (we have vacuums for that, too). Dog boots help, but then you have to clean the boots the same as bare paws.

Sure, you can bathe your dog or just hose off the grungy pooch if he wallowed in the muck, but your dog may not always require a complete grooming after a run through the dirt. Often, you only need to clean messy paws. I use the MudBuster to clean paws and keep my floors mud-free. (If I don’t get to them in time, I turn to the best pet stain removers and carpet cleaners.)

What is a MudBuster?

Alongside getting rid of dog smell and removing pet hair, cleaning dirty paws is a constant concern for dog parents. The MudBuster offers a convenient and effective way to clean dirty paws without the need for hoses or multiple cleaning supplies. It includes three pieces: A heavy-duty plastic tumbler that holds water, an inside “scrubber” to gently clean the paws and a screw-on lid that holds everything together.

Overall, this dog grooming supply has a high-quality, sturdy feel to it, and its bright color makes it attractive. Its silicone bristles are long enough to clean between the paw pads, but they’re soft enough to avoid hurting your pet. And since the scrubber is removable, it’s easy to clean.

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MudBuster features

The MudBuster features a heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic tumbler. It comes in nine bright colors and three sizes that fit small, medium and large dog paws. The inside is lined with a variety of soft, thick silicone bristles that dislodge dirt and mud from paw pads.

The small size fits paws up to two inches wide, the medium fits paws up to 2.5 inches wide and the large size is ideal for paws up to 3.5 inches wide. Whether you have a teacup Chihuahua or an extra-large Great Dane, the MudBuster is an essential tool for any dog breed to keep paws clean.

How to use a MudBuster

First, be careful to order the right size for your dog’s paws. When it arrives, properly introduce your dog to the concept. Show them the tumbler first, and reward their interest with a treat or favorite toy. If they know how to shake, or put their paws on you, use that behavior and reward it.

Introduce the MudBuster by putting your dog’s clean, dry paw inside the empty tumbler while giving lots of treats—it might be helpful for a second person to dole out the treats while you tend to your dog’s paws. Associate the paw-cleaning ritual with good stuff, so the pup accepts the MudBuster. Once comfortable with the device, keep it handy by the back door, or for trips to the dog park. Here’s how to use it to clean muddy paws:

  1. Add warm water into the tumbler. Your dog’s body temperature runs higher than humans, and they won’t like cold water even if their paws are wet.
  2. For especially dirty paws, add a bit of dog shampoo to the water.
  3. Spread out an old towel to minimize drips and cleanup.
  4. Insert the first paw and pull the tumbler up and down, or twist the tumbler slightly.
  5. Pull out the clean paw and dry with a towel. It comes out clean but sopping wet.
  6. Repeat on the next paw. If the water turns too dirty, change it to rinse each remaining paw clean.

How we tested it

close up of blue Mudbuster and hand holding pawCourtesy Amy Shojai

Before I got the MudBuster, my 120-pound Bravo-Dawg and 20-pound Shadow-Pup raced around, leaving skid marks all over the carpet. I was constantly cleaning the carpet mess they made, but now I prefer to prevent the mess in the first place. It’s one of the best dog-owner gifts I ever got myself.

For my big dog Bravo, I tested the MudBuster after a particularly rainy, muddy day. In the past, I’d use the hose on the back patio to rinse off his feet, and he hated the cold water. So I filled the cup with lukewarm water to make the process less aggravating for him.

Bravo’s extra-large paws fit well inside the container, and he didn’t object at all. I pushed and pulled the MudBuster up and down on his first paw, removed his foot, dried it with a towel and moved on to the next.

After cleaning two paws, I had to change the water in the cup. For smaller, less muddy paws, you may get by rinsing all four. But for the big dogs packing lots of dirt, I’d suggest having a pitcher of clean water handy for refills as needed. Also, as you pull the foot out of the tumbler, water drips, so you need to have the towel ready especially if you’re indoors. I used the MudBuster outside on the brick patio, so that wasn’t an issue.

While my big laid-back Bravo tolerated the cleaning like a champ, my new dog Shadow-Pup hates to hold still for anything. Every dog is different, and some, like Shadow, require more introduction and training to accept something new. But just like with cleaning your dog’s teeth, in time, they’ll likely warm up to the task.


  • Works great for quick cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Nearly 40,000 five-star ratings on Amazon
  • Available in three sizes
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe
  • Rugged construction
  • Variety of fun colors
  • Some models offer a lid to contain water when using it away from home


  • Some dogs require training to accept the MudBuster
  • The large size can be hard to hold when filled with water
  • May require multiple water changes with very muddy paws

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Is it OK to wash your dog’s paws every day?

You shouldn’t bathe your dog every day, but washing their paws daily is generally OK. A quick rinse and dry (or pass with the MudBuster!) should be enough to keep the paw pads clean.

Should I wipe my dog’s paws after every walk?

Just like our shoes, dogs track bacteria, germs, dirt and pests on their paws. Cleaning their paws after every walk is a good idea, especially to check for scratches or splinters.

What other reviewers have to say

This product is a “game changer,” says verified purchaser Jeremy Nicholson. “I always had to fight with my dogs to clean their paws when they got into mud. With this, paw cleaning is easy. If you are thinking about getting it, stop thinking and just get it. You won’t be sorry.”

This is one product Caroline Koffman didn’t even know she needed but now can’t live without. “This literally gets off every bit of mud she has on her feet,” she writes. “I towel her paws off and she comes back inside. No mess on my nice rugs!”

“I cant believe I never knew this existed because it is a life saver,” writes five-star reviewer Kelly. “My American Pit Bull Terrier has serious skin issues and her paws are often irritated by allergens which causes her to obsessively lick and cause inflammation due to all the dirt and dander and allergens when she goes out to potty. I am able to clean her paws off easily with this tool and help keep her skin flare ups down.” 

Final verdict

The MudBuster offers a clever way to prevent indoor tracking. It also works effectively for quick clean-ups while hiking or camping, to keep muddy paws from staining car seats (consider it a necessary dog item you need in your car). While it might require a bit of training for some dogs to become comfortable (and it won’t beat a bath), you can’t beat the price or convenience for this quick cleaning gadget in between full-body rinses.

Where to buy the MudBuster

Blue Mudbuster affiliatevia merchant

The price varies—based on the size, color and style of the MudBuster—ranging from $10 to $45. You can purchase the MudBuster on Amazon, Target and Walmart. It’s one of the best pet products on Amazon and my dogs agree!

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