The 5 Most Punctual Airports in the World

Smoother travels await at these airports.

The 5 Most Punctual Airports in the WorldSergey Furtaev/Shutterstock

Traveling can take a toll on anyone’s sanity—especially if you’re flying. Long layovers, crazy delays, and canceled flights can make even the most composed fliers go nuts. If you do end up with time to kill because of a delay, here’s how to make the most of it.

Given everything that can go wrong, most jet-setters are happy to simply reach their destination on time. But there might be another way to guarantee smooth travels: Flying through the most punctual airports in the world, according to travel analyst OAG.

The UK-based company gathered data from 58 million flight records in 2018 to create its comprehensive list of the world’s most punctual airports. Since larger airports have more complicated air traffic, OAG ordered the airports by size.

For the fourth year in a row, the mega-airport with the most on-time performance is Japan’s Tokyo Haneda. The airport, which has over 30 million departing seats, managed to keep 85.62 percent of its flights arriving or departing on schedule. The top major airport—with 20 to 30 million seats—is Moscow Sheremetyevo, which has an on-time performance of 87 percent. Meanwhile, Japan’s Osaka Airport was the most punctual large airport (10 to 20 million seats), where 88.22 percent of flights were on time.

The top medium airport (5 to 10 million seats) went to Panama City (91.11 percent). And 92.35 percent of flights were on schedule at Belarus’ Minsk National Airport, which ranked as the most punctual small airport (with 2.5 to 5 million seats).

Have you ever flown through any of these airports, and did you find that they were indeed punctual? If they aren’t airports you frequent, don’t worry—that’s not the only way you can guarantee a timely trip. You can try to avoid delays by flying at this time of day. Plus, make the most of your next flight with these things airlines won’t tell you (but every flier should know).

[Source: CNN]

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