This Is the Most Photographed City in the World (Hint: It’s in the U.S.!)

Instagram just released its annual list of the most photographed cities in the world. How many have you been to?

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Attention, snap-happy travelers: It’s time to brush up on how to take postcard-perfect picture on your smartphone. Instagram just revealed the most photographed cities of 2017, and you’ll want to book a ticket to the top one—stat.

The social media site tracked and recorded the geotags on its users’ posts from January 1 to November 17 of this year. Based on these findings, it was able to determine—down to the city—which places inspire tourists get their snap on. (By the way, the best city in the world didn’t make this list, but we still say you need to check it out!)

When it comes to this year’s most photographed cities, New York City ruled the day—and it’s easy to see why. Everything from the cultural monuments to the stunning skyline is just begging to be snapped. Aspiring photographers can also find inspiration in its world-famous museums, or simply step outside and admire the brilliant street art. And being extremely photogenic isn’t the only thing the Big Apple excels at; these words and phrases were coined in New York City, too.

The second most photographed city in the world was Moscow, and third place went to London. Surprisingly, Paris was only the fifth most photographed city in the world. (Maybe that has something to do with the fact that taking photos of the Eiffel Tower at night is actually illegal.)

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[Source: Harper’s Bazaar]

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