These Were the Most Googled Health Questions of 2017

Sorry, Haddaway. "What is love?" is not *technically* a health question.

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If you have a major health crisis, you probably shouldn’t be hopping on a search engine for help. And fortunately, according to Google’s list of their top health queries, no one seems to be searching for things like, “What to do if you contract the Bubonic Plague,” so it seems that people are opting for the professional medical route most of the time.

As reported by Daily Mail, these were the top 10 most-searched health questions on Google in 2017:

  • What is the keto diet?
  • What is CTE?
  • What is opioid addiction?
  • What is lupus? (Never ignore these 15 silent signs of lupus.)
  • What causes hiccups? (Here’s why.
  • Searches relating to 13 Reasons Why, a Netflix series focusing on suicide
  • Why is croup worse at night?
  • Why coconut oil is bad for you?
  • Why is apple cider vinegar good for you?
  • Why can’t I orgasm during intercourse? 

The data, which was pulled using data analysis tool Google Trends, analyzed queries from January to mid-December of 2017. According to CNN, some of the popular terms that were popular in 2016 but dropped from 2017 list included “cupping,” “Zika,” and “traumatic brain injuries.”

Now that you know what health questions people were searching for, learn what the most Googled “how-to” questions of 2017 were.

[Source: CNN / Daily Mail]