Mini Bathroom Makeovers You Can Pull Off In a Weekend

Perk up your tired-looking bathroom with these simple styling tricks.

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Is your bathroom dull and lackluster? Has it become cluttered with plastic bottles and tattered towels? It’s time to retake control and restore some calm and tranquility to one of the most-used areas of your home. Turning your bathroom into more of a sanctuary with a mini bathroom makeover is easy. The time and cost can be minimal, but the effect can be long-lasting. These simple bathroom design styling projects take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and even the most inexperienced DIYers can have a go at most of them.

Introduce standout accessories

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Be bold and bring some unexpected home accessories into your bathroom. A woven rug, chunky knit pouf or even a coat rack will instill some character. Or why not go all out and add an armchair?

Multiply your mirrors

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Ho-hum mirrors can really let a bathroom down in the style department. Two or more mirrors instead of the traditional one create a contemporary feel, especially when their shapes are as pleasing to the eye as these.

Pick an accent color

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Adding color to a stark white bathroom will perk it up in a flash. The key is to start with a boldly patterned shower curtain or a set of eye-catching towels, then extend the theme by painting part of the bathroom in a complementary color. In this room, an unexpected touch of zesty lime is introduced above the mirror, making the room feel fresh and spacious. Even the soap matches.

Give it a designer edge

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Don’t overlook your bathroom when it comes to displaying design pieces. This faux stag head looks just as at home here as it would above the mantle in the living room. While you’re at it, swap the dated light fixture for something more modern. Bare-bulb lighting is big these days, and if the cable is as bright as this one, so much the better. Of course, when dealing with electricity, safety is paramount, so unless you have experience changing a cord or fitting, seek advice from a qualified electrician before embarking on the task yourself.

Create a photo wall

houzz bathroom makeoverSaus Design, original photo on Houzz

This simple but effective styling idea adds character and interest to drab walls. What’s more, if you use velcro stickers, you can change the arrangement easily when you feel like a different look.

Hang some artwork

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To help your bathroom flow harmoniously with the rest of your home, give it a personal touch with quirky prints or artwork. In this master bath, the couple’s framed wedding invitation brings some personality into the otherwise cool and clinical space. It also links the room with the rest of the home, where similar prints hang.

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