Review: This Mattifying Setting Spray Locked in My Makeup for 16 Hours

Does the Milk Makeup setting spray really hold up after 16 hours? We put it to the test.

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Finding the right makeup combination for your skin type is tricky. And finding a setting spray that won’t budge throughout the day is even trickier. I have combination skin that almost always leans oily toward the end of the day, especially when I have makeup products on my face. But on days when I just need longer wear, I’ve recently turned to the Milk Makeup setting spray.

Specifically its Pore Eclipse variation, the spray promises to hold a matte finish for up to 16 hours. My makeup tends to glisten around the six-hour mark, but at the end of the day, Pore Eclipse held everything together.

What is the Milk Makeup setting spray?

Milk Makeup Setting SprayAndrea Carrillo/

Milk Makeup has two famous setting sprays, the Hydro Grip and Pore Eclipse. The former is best for dry skin or those who want a dewy finish. It lasts up to 12 hours. The latter is for matte looks, lasting up to 16 hours. Both are vegan and cruelty- and alcohol-free.  

As someone who gravitates toward dewy makeup looks, I recognize the fine line between hydrated and oily. Milk Makeup Pore Eclipse Setting Spray is best for people with normal, combination or oily skin. It promises to control oil and minimize shine, leaving a smooth, matte finish in its wake. As I wore the setting spray, I appreciated that it didn’t feel heavy, cakey or dry. 

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Milk Makeup setting spray features 

The full size is tall, but it’s only 2.9 ounces (the mini is 1.35 ounces). I was thrilled that it adheres to TSA liquid restrictions, even with its full size. The bottle is matte black with shiny lettering, making it stand out against the colorful makeup packaging taking over the shelves these days. A white spritzer is more ergonomic than other sprays I’ve seen. 

Formula-wise, lentil extract keeps the shine at bay. It also contains niacinamide and microspheres to minimize fine lines and blur pores. Other ingredients like Bakuchiol tackle uneven texture. Those with niacinamide allergies may want to do a skin test before spraying on their face. It also has an ingredient derived from nuts, which could trigger an allergy as well. 

How I tested it 

Before receiving the Milk Makeup spray, I’d been using the Makeup Revolution Base Fix Fixing Spray. I’ve never been one to drop a bundle on every step of my makeup routine, instead opting for drugstore versions and dupes when I can. I’ve seen Pore Eclipse at my local Sephora before, and the sleek packaging easily draws the eye.  

Being that Pore Eclipse is a water-based setting spray, I had to double check that my other makeup products were as well. (Silicone- and water-based products will separate when mixed on the skin.) I usually go for my signature makeup lineup consisting of the Elf Power Grip Primer, Maybelline Fit Me concealer and either Rare Beauty Tinted Moisturizer or Colourpop Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Hydrating Foundation.

I finish off with cream bronzer, a Sephora liquid highlight and Rare Beauty Melted Blush (my only silicone-based product), then go in with setting spray. For a full effect, the brand says to shake the bottle to activate the formula, which I did before every use.  

First impressions at 9 a.m.

Milk Makeup Setting SprayAndrea Carrillo/

Holding the bottle about six inches from my face, I spritzed about five times in an up-and-down motion and let it set. The first thing I noticed was that the mist wasn’t very fine, so it looked like I had droplets of product on my face. Luckily I was able to pat the product in with a fluffy face brush instead of letting it dry on its own. Although I use glowy products, the spray smoothed everything out for an airbrushed look. 

After 6 hours

Milk Makeup Setting SprayAndrea Carrillo/

During the first six hours of testing, I was careful not to touch my face or wipe away any product. My makeup was still 90% intact at 3 p.m. (even my blush was as rosy as when I first applied). As suspected, my T-zonethe area on the forehead and around the nosedeveloped some shine and oil. I reapplied the setting spray slower than the first time and found that the mist came out much smoother. While I still had some shine, my face was much more matte. 

After 11 hours

Milk Makeup Setting SprayAndrea Carrillo/

At 8 p.m., my makeup had faded a bit and my T-zone clocked in for its oil production shift yet again. Granted, this was after 11 hours of use and one reapplication. I don’t like to relayer my makeup throughout the day (something about putting fresh product on stale makeup grosses me out), but I did spray a bit more Pore Eclipse to reign in the oil. After tapping it in with my fingers, my skin was matte again, even though my makeup wasn’t as fresh. 

After 16 hours

Milk Makeup Setting SprayAndrea Carrillo/

Did I really stay up until 2 a.m. to test this thoroughly for a full 16 hours? Yes, dear reader, I did. By then, it was a little hard to see the full results in the artificial light of my bathroom. But my skin still looked smooth, and best of all, when I wiped away my makeup for the night, there was considerably more makeup on my cotton pad than usual. The setting spray really did lock in all my makeup, even if my oily pores broke through a bit. A combination of the setting spray and a blotting pad (or oil-absorbing roller) for touch-ups would probably make the most difference. 


  • Matte setting spray 
  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight formula
  • Locks in makeup for all-day wear
  • Full size is TSA-compliant
  • Formula is full of shine-controlling ingredients


  • I found myself needing to reapply halfway through the day
  • Potential triggers for those with niacinamide and nut allergies


How long does the Milk Makeup setting spray last? 

The Pore Eclipse setting spray claims to last up to 16 hours. I reapplied it throughout the day when I started to get oily, but it definitely locked in my makeup for that long. 

Should I use a setting spray if I have oily skin? 

A setting spray like the Pore Eclipse will control shine for a matte look. If you have oily skin, the setting spray reduces your chances of looking greasy. You should also consider a foundation for oily skin.

How often should you reapply setting spray? 

Reapply setting spray throughout the day as needed. Many people get oily throughout the day, so reapplication is helpful.  

What other reviewers had to say 

Not using the right setting spray is a makeup mistake you don’t want to make. Just take it from these glowing reviewers. 

“My makeup didn’t budge and stayed on from morning till the next day!” exclaims five-star reviewer Tasha. “I was testing this so I did go without taking my makeup off at night and slept with it in. When I woke up I still looked the same! These products are my new go-to and can’t wait to use during vacation. I know I’ll look great all day and night through the sun and heat! Thank you, Milk!!!” 

Leah, a mom who recently attended an outdoor wedding in 80-degree weather, loved this spray. “My makeup stayed perfect the entire time. I had no creasing around my smile lines or around my nose. No movement. The most was a mild ‘glow’ at the end of the day. Overall, my makeup lasted eight hours for the full day…Mom approved!”  

“I’m so happy with my purchase,” says another five-star reviewer, Mirasol H. “I have combination to oily skin—mostly the T-zoneand this with the Pore Eclipse mattifying primer does an excellent job of keeping me matte-looking all day.” 

Product comparison 

What’s the difference between a setting spray and a setting powder? A setting spray usually comes in different finishes, like matte or dewy. A powder goes on matte and absorbs oil right away. Those with dry skin might prefer a spray over a powder, and those with oily skin might prefer the opposite. For those who want a matte look, it basically comes down to a spray versus a powder and which you feel most comfortable using. 

Final verdict 

After using Pore Eclipse for a few weeks now, I love it. It’s a staple in my makeup bag. Although I don’t wear makeup for 16 hours, it works perfectly for nights out or makeup days. Now that I’ve mastered the secret to the application (spray slowly for a finer mist), it keeps me looking airbrushed for as long as I need. I can use a blotting sheet to grab any oil spots if I don’t have the setting spray with me, but it’s now a crucial step in my makeup routine. 

Where to Buy the Milk Makeup Setting Spray

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Shop the Pore Eclipse setting spray on Sephora and Amazon. There may not be a cure for oily skin (yet), but at least this spray is a step in the right direction. 

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