This Will Be Meghan Markle’s Last Name After She Marries Prince Harry

It’s not as straightforward as you might think.

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Have you joined the Meghan mania yet? Welcome to the club. Meghan Markle’s name has made headlines ever since she and Prince Harry announced their engagement in November. So, while plenty of things about her life will change after the royal wedding, perhaps the most significant will be the name she goes by.

Here is the simplest way to look at this major change: According to Marie Claire UK, it is likely that Meghan will become Rachel Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor once she and Harry tie the knot. (Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle.)

However, the true story is a bit more complicated than that. The British royal family technically doesn’t have a last name—and here’s why. In 1917, King George V decided “Windsor” would be the royal family’s official surname, named after Windsor Castle. Then, when Queen Elizabeth married Prince Philip, the couple decided that their children would take their hyphenated last names, Mountbatten-Windsor.

The younger members of the royal family are not required to use the Mountbatten-Windsor name, though. In fact, Princes William and Harry went by William Wales and Harry Wales while serving in the military, because their father is the Prince of Wales. To make matters even more confusing, Prince George is going by a different last name in school, too.

Regardless, the official word on the matter is that Meghan will take the Mountbatten-Windsor surname—but here’s why she won’t technically be called a princess after she walks down the aisle.

[Source: Marie Claire UK]

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