Medicare’s Future

Should you make a change or stay the course? As you prepare to review your Medicare coverage, it’s important to focus on how well your plan is working for you.

MedicareOn TV, in newspapers, and on the Internet, pundits speculate endlessly about how health care reform, the down economy, and aging baby boomers will affect Medicare’s future — and your benefits tomorrow. But so far, the reality is that Medicare’s gotten even better for many people — thanks to a wealth of new, free preventive services and to government efforts to close the “donut hole,” where seniors must pay dramatically higher prices for prescription drugs.

Our best advice? As you review your Medicare coverage this fall, it’s more important to focus on how well your plan is working for you—and whether you should make a change or stay the course. “A lot of people are concerned,” says Medicare expert Adrienne Muralidharan, senior product specialist for the Allsup Medicare Advisor, a nationwide provider of Medicare plan-selection services. “If I were advising a customer, I’d suggest focusing on your own health care needs and how well they’re being taken care of first.”

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