This $70 Magnetic iPhone Charger Is a Dupe for Apple’s Portable MagSafe Battery Pack

Power banks are a thing of the past. Instead, opt for a barely-there magnetic charger that reviewers say is better than its $100 Apple counterpart.

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Whether you’re a frequent traveler or have an iPhone with poor battery life, you know that lugging around a portable charger is a hassle. It’s hard to tell if it’s fully juiced up half the time, and when it does work, the charge can be spotty.  

One of the best features of the newest Apple iPhone models is their MagSafe charging technology, which allows them to connect to magnetic, wireless chargers. The most popular magnetic iPhone charger is—no surprise here—made by Apple, but at nearly $100, the portable MagSafe Battery Pack is pricey.  

Enter the Anker MagGo Magnetic Battery. This magnetic iPhone charger is an inexpensive dupe for Apple’s portable MagSafe Battery Pack and has racked up more than 5,000 ratings on Amazon. Not only is it a fraction of the price of Apple’s, but it’s also an adorable cell phone accessory that you won’t mind showing off when it’s time for that midday juice boost.  

What is the Anker MagGo Magnetic Battery?

The Anker MagGo Magnetic Battery is a stylish iPhone travel accessory that magnetically snaps onto the back of your device for easy wireless charging. It’s strong enough to latch onto the back of an iPhone without falling off, yet slim enough to carry around while traveling, running errands, and taking pictures while your device charges. Plus, its foldable kickstand allows you to prop your phone up and watch a show or play games while it charges.  

Choose from five beautiful colorways, like misty blue and lilac purple. Not only is it a genius gift for travelers, but it’s also a cell phone accessory you’ll want to keep on hand yourself. Also check out the Airfly Pro—another must-have travel gadget.

How to use the Anker MagGo Magnetic Battery

The MagGo requires little to no instruction to power up. Simply snap it onto the back of your iPhone 12 or 13, and the MagGo will boost its battery life. It’s not compatible with non-magnetic cases, however, so iPhones will need to be removed from their case before charging.  

Just like the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, the MagGo significantly boosts an iPhone’s charge, but it doesn’t guarantee it can bring phones to a complete 100 percent charge level, depending on how low the phone’s power level is to begin with. The MagGo provides up to 95 percent additional charge for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro; 80 percent for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro; 65 percent for the iPhone 12 Pro Max; and 50 percent additional charge for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Four lights on the bottom of the device indicate if the MagGo is low on power, and it comes with a USB-C cable that connects to the USB-C port near the charging lights for convenient re-powering. With a 24-month warranty, you can try the MagGo, worry-free.

The best Amazon user reviews

Verified Amazon purchaser Val writes, “I bought an Apple MagSafe charger, but it was weak and took too long to charge my iPhone. After going on YouTube and looking at reviews, everyone recommended this Anker Magnetic Battery. It sticks better and shows the status of its battery better. The nice kickstand is a bonus, and this was a fraction of the Apple price.” 

“It keeps my iPhone 12 charged,” writes fellow verified purchaser JC. “It’s light and thin enough to not obstruct the use of your iPhone and snaps more securely than competitive brands on the market. I highly recommend it—and it’s a great deal.” 

Where to buy the Anker MagGo Magnetic Battery

Anker 622 Battery Maggo Ecomm Via Walmartvia merchant

When you’re ready to say goodbye to that clunky power bank, the Anker Magnetic Battery is available on Amazon for just $70. You can also shop it at Best Buy (where it’s currently just $60), Walmart, or directly from Anker’s site.

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