This Silk Sleep Mask Blocks Out 100% of Light for Your Most Restful Sleep Yet

With the help of this washable silk sleep mask, I can sleep anywhere at any time.

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I’m a heavy sleeper, but if there is one thing that will not only wake me up but keep me up, it’s any source of light. If I even see a sliver of light in the bedroom, I won’t be able to sleep until it’s gone. Electronics with little power lights on? Forget about it. The beautiful morning sun? My worst nightmare. I have tried countless sleep masks in the past and while they do work OK, they don’t block all of the light.

When I discovered that the Lunya Silk Sleep Mask blocks practically all light, I absolutely had to test it for myself and see. Is this sleep mask the cure for deeper sleep and better naps? Does it really block all of the light? I had to find out.

What is the Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask? 

 Silk Sleep Mask on BedStephanie Hope/

The purpose of this soft mask is mainly to work as a sleep mask, blocking light from the room you’re trying to sleep in. The entire mask is soft to the touch, which means there are no harsh wires digging into the sides of my head. The band is thick, which also provides additional comfort by evenly distributing the pressure around my head to reduce any possible headaches. At first glance, it looks like it would be too large for my face, but because of its large size and comfortable material, it forms the face perfectly. 


Lunya Sleep Mask

This soft satin mask will not only block out any light source while you're asleep, but its thick, comfortable band ensures it doesn't fall off throughout the night.

Lunya Silk Sleep Mask product features 

 Silk Sleep Mask on FaceStephanie Hope/

The most notable feature is the large eye pad area. This ensures full coverage around your eyes, blocking as much light as possible. The thick band that goes around your head is comfortable and stretchy, so you don’t have to worry about it being too tight.

Another standout feature of this mask is that it’s machine washable. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wearing something dirty on your freshly cleaned face, in my opinion. Knowing I can easily pop this in the wash to keep it clean makes it a convenient product to own.

One feature I really enjoy is that it doubles as a headband. I use it occasionally to hold my hair back from my face while working on my skincare routine. The mask also features some sound-reducing qualities I quite enjoyed.

How we tested it 

To test this product, I focused on three specific things: if it gave me a headache, how comfortable I could sleep in it and how well it blocked light in different rooms and situations. Testing the product with these three metrics in mind ensured I came up with the best conclusion on how I felt about the mask itself.


Whether it’s my sunglasses, headbands or sleep masks, I’m almost guaranteed to get a headache from the pressure against my skull. Because of this, it was crucial that I tested the silk sleep mask on its level of tightness, considering it only comes in two sizes. I chose the small because I have a smaller-than-average head and it was a perfect fit.

As soon as I slid the silk sleep mask over my head, I knew it wouldn’t give me a headache. There isn’t a single part of the mask that feels too tight around my skull. It feels like I’m wearing a nice loose hug. With that being said, it’s also not so loose that I worry it’s going to fall off my head. It’s perfectly snug.

To test it even further, I wore it to sleep for an entire month and never once did it slide off my head.


Another concern I had with this mask was the thickness. From the sides, you can see the extra padding around the eyes and band compared to a generic sleep mask you’d get on a plane or the airport terminal. Because of this, I was worried it wouldn’t be comfortable when I moved around in my sleep. Since I’m a side sleeper, stomach sleeper and back sleeper, I was able to test how it felt on each side.

To my surprise, the extra cushion felt great against my head. It was like a weighted blanket for my eyes. When laying on my side it was like I was sleeping with an extra tiny pillow against my temples, which felt really nice, especially during naps. On my back, it was practically unnoticeable since the band was soft and thinner.

When lying on my stomach, I noticed it the most, but it still was comfortable enough to sleep in.


The most important test for me was seeing how well the silk sleep mask could block out light. For this part of the test, I focused on sleeping and napping in different rooms at different times. First, I slept in the bedroom with the lamp on. The silk sleep mask completely blocks all light sources. Because of the softness of the eye pads, they form around your nose rather than creating a gap which typically allows light in.

I tried it again in the early morning since we don’t have blackout curtains in the bedroom. I also have a window directly by my feet so if I were wearing any other mask, the light would have undoubtedly shined through the mask to my eyes. However, with this mask, I didn’t have the issue.

Lastly, I took various naps (the best part) in the living room which is arguably the brightest room in the house. Once again, the mask wins by blocking every single light source—even the annoying light in the kitchen.


  • Machine washable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Blocks all light source
  • Doubles as a headband
  • Sound-reducing
  • Slightly weighted


  • Pricey


What are the benefits of using a sleep mask?

“When your brain sees light it believes it’s daytime and will start to wake up,” begins Ashley Merrill, Lunya founder. “Wearing a full coverage sleep mask can really help create total darkness. Silk is also a beloved pillowcase fabric because its natural oils and slippery surface help minimize fine lines.” Their silk sleep mask also has a special design that adds some sound blocking and a wide elastic band that is very comfortable and less prone to kinking the hair.

What makes this sleep mask different from others?

“Our sleep masks are true miracle workers,” boasts Merrill. “The Washable Silk Sleep Mask features 100% washable Mulberry silk, which is naturally moisturizing and thermoregulating, helping to keep the face at a comfortable temperature.”

The wide format covered elastic design ensures that it stays in place all night long. “The sleep mask has the added effect of adding a relaxing weight and the glass beads inside can be heated or cooled to help with relaxation or depuffing eyes respectively,” Merrill adds.

How often should you wash a sleep mask?

“Wash your eye mask regularly, just like any garment that comes in direct contact with your skin,” Merrill continues. “To ensure your eye mask lasts, I’d recommend washing it by hand and also using a fragrance-free detergent to avoid any potential skin irritation.”

What other reviewers had to say 

 Silk Sleep Mask BandStephanie Hope/

Verified purchaser Susan L. says, “Wow—a mask that stays put through the night and blocks out even peripheral slivers of light. An added bonus is that I, on occasion, have dry eyes and this mask gently keeps my eyes closed. The soft silk makes me feel that I’m doing all I can to stave off damaging the sensitive skin around my eyes.”

“Since I bought this I sleep throughout the entire night,” begins verified purchaser Roni T. “I have floor-to-ceiling windows, and this has helped keep the room dark and cozy.”

Verified purchaser Hailey P. loves that it doesn’t mess up her hair while she’s asleep. “This mask is so plush, soft, thick and comforting. I love the thick strap that keeps it in place without messing up my hair. I sleep on all sides, and this isn’t a mask I throw off in the middle of the night. It fits my face perfectly and blocks out All the light. I love using a mask to cover my eyes and protect my face when I’m sleeping. The soothing pressure on my forehead and eyelids from this mask is perfectly done.”

Final verdict 

I don’t think I will ever be able to go to sleep without wearing the Lunya Sleep Mask. It completely blocked all light for me during my sleep, which allowed me to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up well-rested. It was soft against my scalp and because it’s silk, I didn’t have to worry about it causing any hair breakage. I also loved that it is machine washable for extra cleanliness.

Where to buy the Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask


Lunya Sleep Mask

The machine-washable mulberry silk mask provides added pressure and sound-reducing qualities while you sleep.

Purchase the Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask on the direct site or on Amazon and other retailers for about $50. It’s available in various colors and two sizes. Get ready for the best sleep of your life.

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  • Ashley Merrill: Ashley Merrill is the founder of Lunya whose mission is to help people achieve their dream state. This mission threads through every part of their design process, resulting in thoughtful products that are made for reveling in the restful moments of every day. Merrill wanted to find comfortable, quality and flattering sleepwear that was in line with who she wanted to be and how she wanted to feel in her leisure hours, thus developing Lunya.

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