How to NOT Get Caught Liking an Old Instagram Photo—And Other Social Faux Pas Tips

Accidentally double tapped a photo, after lurking week's deep on an ex's Instagram account? No, you can't take it back, but you can smooth it over

happydancing/ShutterstockEVERYONE is on Instagram these days. Whether it’s an ex, an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years, or a professional acquaintance, anyone can come up on your feed. You might not even realize it’s them if they have a finsta account!

Even worse, it’s way too easy to mindlessly scroll through these people’s profiles and accidentally like one of their photos from 20 weeks ago or more with just a quick double tap.

Luckily, there’s a little-known insta-insider tip to avoid the panic attack that ensues after you’ve fallen into this embarrassing social media trap. (Also check out our other social media etiquette tips.)

First, and possibly most importantly, unlike the photo ASAP. This will hide the fact that you’ve basically been stalking their whole online life, even though you haven’t spoken in ages.

Second, like the person’s latest post. This will explain the “like” notification from you and it’ll seem like a normal, friendly gesture. If you’re not following them, make sure to do that as well so it just seems like you’re reaching out (you can always unfollow later).

While this risks the potential DM from them, you can always ignore that too. Or maybe this is the push you needed to rekindle an old relationship! You never know. This simple trick just solves this awkward social media situation and plays it off like nothing out of the ordinary happened.

If you’re too embarrassed and just want to delete your Instagram account altogether, there are actually some surprising benefits of quitting social media.

But if you’re just looking for more likes on your personal posts (preferably not from exes or lurkers), check out our tips on how to make the best Instagram captions. You can also boost your exposure by using this color that will get you the most likes.