This 15-Second Read About a College Freshman Saying Goodbye to Her Mom Will Make Your Heart Melt

A mom recalls the heartbreaking moment of leaving her daughter at college.

this-15-back-to-school-David-Pereiras-VillagiStock/David Pereiras Villag

“Goodbye,” she sang cheerily, skipping off to her new dorm after giving me a light peck on the cheek as though we were no more than acquaintances. A young woman. A college freshman. No longer my baby.

Her casual parting stung me. Had she outgrown me?

As I walked away I was arrested by a child’s voice shouting “Mommy!” A word I hadn’t heard in years.

Before I could turn around she was in my arms, her face buried in my neck. She didn’t need to say anything in that moment. I knew then that she’d always be my little girl.
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