I Tried Laundry Detergent Sheets to Substitute Laundry Pods—Here’s How it Went

Laundry detergent sheets dissolve quickly to fight stains and reduce waste. We tested Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets at home to see how they performed.

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Move over laundry pods—there’s a new way to wash clothes without measuring out liquid or powder laundry detergent. In July, Grove Co. launched laundry detergent sheets, which are plant-based and dissolve better than plastic pods and create less waste. Plus, they’re super easy to transport on camping trips and to vacation home rentals without making a leaky mess.

But do laundry sheets really get your clothes clean? We tried laundry detergent sheets to see how they perform in real life—and in hot and cold wash cycles—to find out. Want more laundry detergent options? We also reviewed CleanCult laundry detergent.

What is a laundry detergent sheet?

Laundry detergent sheets are pretty much what they sound like. If you’re familiar with the size and shape of a dryer sheet, you won’t be surprised by what a laundry detergent sheet looks like. The main difference is that laundry detergent sheets are stiff when dry, and they completely dissolve in cold or hot water.

The Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets are made with plant-based ingredients and are completely biodegradable. They’re also subtly scented with lavender essential oil and plant extracts. If you love the sound of that, here are more of the best smelling laundry detergents.

How did we test Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets?

To test Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets, I did multiple loads of laundry in my top-loading washing machine. For the first test, I kept it simple. I tossed a single laundry detergent sheet in the machine’s drum and turned the washing cycle to whites with hot water. The laundry sheet dissolved completely in about 30 seconds, and created sudsy bubbles scented with lavender. I added the soiled white towels, closed the lid, and waited for the cycle to complete.

Once the spin cycle finished, I pulled the wet towels from the washing machine. I noticed the lavender scent was subtle and not overly powerful. A few spots of mascara stains and makeup were gone. After drying with the same wool dryer balls I always use, the towels were fluffy and soft. The load smelled fresh, but I couldn’t really detect the lavender scent.

I also washed sweaty workout clothes and a load of jeans in cold water with Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets. Sometimes I have issues with laundry detergent not dissolving all the way in cold water and leaving a film on my dark clothes, but that wasn’t a problem in my Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets tests. I also liked how fast and mess-free it is to use the laundry sheets—no measuring or pouring required.

One note, I wash smaller loads of laundry because my washing machine isn’t very big. If you were doing large loads of laundry with bulky items you’d need to use two laundry detergent sheets.

The Grove Co. laundry sheets are an excellent choice for travel. If you’re camping, going to the laundromat, or renting a vacation house it’s super easy to pack a box of lightweight laundry sheets instead of a heavy container of messy liquid laundry detergent. Another plus? The cardboard packaging is recyclable and the product is plastic-free.

Laundry detergent sheets pros

  • They work! The formula thoroughly cleans and lightly scents clothes.
  • Super easy to transport with no mess. Ideal for camping and vacation.
  • Better for the earth, the plant-based sheets don’t include plastic and the packaging is recyclable cardboard.
  • Lavender scent is lovely and safe for sensitive skin.
  • Can be used to hand wash items.
  • One box does 32 loads of laundry.

Laundry detergent sheet cons

  • Slightly more expensive than laundry pods.
  • Larger loads require two sheets.
  • The lavender scent isn’t super strong (a pro for some).
  • For now, only available on Grove Co.

The final verdict on laundry detergent sheets

Grove Co. laundry detergent sheets are worth the space in your laundry room. They dissolve easily in hot or cold water and deliver stain-fighting results on multiple fabric types. Though the price point is slightly higher than laundry pods, the laundry detergent sheets reduce waste and plastic consumption. They also clean clothes effectively and are super simple to use and transport. That’s a laundry win!

Grove Co. Laundry Detergent Sheetsvia grove.co

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