11 of the Best Reactions to Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby News

The Internet is just as excited as we are (but even funnier).

1. Even royals can’t get everything

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2. A wife can only wish

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3. Don’t make us pick favorites

Not to outdo Beyoncé again, but we found out why Queen Elizabeth II actually has two birthdays.

4. Can you hear us squealing?

Don’t miss these thoughts that are totally normal when you find out you’re pregnant.

5. Will and Kate have their work cut out

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6. No complaints about more royal babies


No, you can’t stay pregnant for four years, and you shouldn’t believe these other (more common) myths about pregnancy either.

7. Cannot contain our excitement


We’re hoping to pass these natural remedies for morning sickness along to the Duchess of Cambridge.

8. Is Ellen ever NOT hilarious?

Sorry, Ellen, but we’ve already explained the whole British royal family tree in this easy chart.

9. Possible baby name possibilities

When they start picking names, William and Kate should check out these cool new baby names that are going to be very popular.

10. No joke though

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11. William, we found some dad joke inspiration

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Marissa Laliberte
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