This Japanese Trick Might Be the Key to Making Perfect Coffee

Get ready to add more bang to your brew!

Coffeekikovic/ShutterstockWe all may share the problems all coffee lovers understand, but the way we take our morning cuppa varies widely. While some prefer their java sweet and sugary, others take it bold and black. (And if you do drink your coffee black, it could reveal a disturbing personality trait.) Still, no matter how you take it, you don’t have to pay top-dollar at a pricey cafe to get a richer, more flavorful brew. You could just buy a plane ticket to Japan, instead.

Trust us, it might be worth it. Key Coffee, a Japanese coffee company, has recently revealed their new brewing technique, and they claim it will transform your coffee drinking experience forever. Their secret: chilling whole coffee cherries right after they are harvested.

Normally, coffee beans are immediately stripped of their outer skin and pulped after harvest. But Key Coffee’s unique method places the entire cherries in near-freezing temperatures and allows them to mature, increasing their levels of sucrose, organic acids, and free amino acids. The result: a stronger, richer aroma and taste from your morning brew. Adding this unusual ingredient could change the way you drink coffee, too.

Is your mouth already watering? Sadly, it will cost a pretty penny to get a taste of these delicious beans. You’ll have to book a ticket to Japan near the end of 2018, when the new product is scheduled to hit the shelves.

Of course, you can always brew a better cup of coffee on your own—without burning a hole in your wallet. Try these tricks for making perfect coffee from the comfort of your own home.

[Source: The Asian Review]

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