Best Dad Ever Built His Kids—and The Entire Neighborhood—an Incredible Igloo

The winter storm of 1944 made enough snow for wintery masterpiece that got the whole town talking.

01-my-dad-built-an-incredible-igloo-that-the-whole-neighborhood-enjoyedReminisce Extra Magazine

We always waited patiently for that one big storm when there would be enough snow to build our famous igloo. The winter of 1944 produced just such a storm in North Haven, Connecticut.

My father, Larry Dunn, would make a big mound of snow and mold it into the shape of an igloo. Then he sprayed it with water until it had a coating of ice. Next it was our turn to shovel out the inside to make it hollow, being careful not to accidentally poke through to the outside.

Now we were ready for the entrance tunnel. We’d fasten some newspaper next to the hole we’d made in the front of the igloo, and my dad would shovel a smaller mound next to the first, covering up the newspaper. After it was shaped and watered down, we would draw straws to see who would be the one to dig out the tunnel. Most times, we all took a turn. When we reached the newspaper wall, we punched it out, making the igloo complete.

It could usually hold five or six kids, including my sister and me (third from left in picture above). My father’s masterpiece was a real neighborhood conversation piece, and just about every kid around would take a turn playing in it.

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Originally Published in Reminisce Extra