Watch Out for This IKEA Bowl! It Can Literally Start a Fire

And IKEA said they’re not even going to recall it.

You’ve probably always thought of IKEA as the best store for furnishing your home on a budget (and getting delicious meatballs). But you might be getting way more than you bargained for from one of their products. The item in question: a metal bowl. The item seems basic enough, but it’s apparently a fire hazard. (Try out these DIY IKEA furniture hacks.)

via ikea.comThe metal IKEA bowl, the Blanda Blank bowl, can easily start a fire when exposed to sunlight. And the crazy thing is, IKEA isn’t going to recall the product, according to CNBC.

“In risk assessment for the bowl Blanda, it has been established that many different parameters would have to converge for the content of the bowl to overheat and that the risk for this to happen is very low,” IKEA told CNBC. “The round design of the bowl further contributes to a very low risk of spreading, in case of any overheated material in the bowl.”

But the risk doesn’t seem to be that low.

Facebook user, Richard Walter, experienced this when he left a bowl of grapes outside in the sun and they caught fire. He tried to start a fire again using a piece of newspaper and shared the video on Facebook.

What’s going on? It’s basically because the bowl is a parabolic shape. So when it reflects the sun the rays meet at a single point in the bowl and have the ability to raise the temperature of the object in the bowl.

So if you happen to own one of these bowls, make sure you keep it out of the sun.

Source: CNBC

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