This Cool Ice Cube Trick Will Completely Clear Your Stinky Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal funky? Just grab a handful of ice cubes to fix the issue!

Your garbage disposal can have an (ahem) unpleasant odor if not cleared properly. It’s hard to get rid of garbage disposal smells—but this fast hack from a TikTok user may solve the problem once and for all.

TikTok is mostly an entertaining platform for viral trends, dances, and videos of Gordon Ramsay. However, the videos can actually be extremely useful, too. For example, one TikTok cleaning hack shows how to clean ovens with just three ingredients. Now, there’s another cleaning hack for the garbage disposal.

How the ice cube trick works

The original video was posted by TikTok user @dm3lt. It involves a handful of ice cubes and hot water; prepare to be amazed.

Step 1: Add the ice

Dump a bunch of ice into your sink. Easy!

Step 2: Turn on the garbage disposal

Flip the switch to activate the garbage disposal. (Be sure it’s clear of any other debris first.)

Step 3: Add the hot water

Turn on your faucet or dump hot water into the sink.

Step 4: Goodbye, stench!

Watch the magic happen! This simple process eliminates any nasty odors coming from your garbage disposal—and you’ll be able to see all the gunk before it washes down the drain.

Keep your garbage disposal clean

To keep your disposal clean and fresh, avoid dumping things like eggshells and potato peels in the sink. Toss ’em in the trash instead—they’re on our list of things to NEVER put down a garbage disposal.

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