How to Snowplow-Proof Your Mailbox

Winter weather’s on its way. Make your mailman’s job easier with a mailbox that can withstand damage from the rain, sleet, snow and snow plow.

Snowplow-Proof Your Mailbox© Digital Vision/ThinkstockNothing is quite so disheartening in the dead of winter as a mailbox knee capped by a snowplow or decapitated by the heavy wet stuff the plow throws its way. But there are mailbox posts that revolve, seesaw, and literally spring out of the way. Bonus: Come summer, your mailbox stands more of a chance against a carful of baseball-bat-wielding, beer-swilling teens.

The Push Me Mailstation, Return-to-Center Mailbox System, and MailSwing each swivel 360 degrees — no standing in the street to pick up bills and circulars. (,,

With the Tip Up Mailbox Kit, a weight raises the box up and out of harm’s way. The mail carrier pulls a rope, brings the box back down, and fills it with those catalogs you don’t want. (

The Alpha Mailbox Protector enlists a heavy-duty spring to give the mailbox some flexibility if it’s hit. (

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