How To Read a Food Label

Do you check the labels on your food? Know what you’re eating with the help of our food label guide.

If you learn what the information on food packaging means you’ll be better equipped to make healthy choices. You’ll find all this information and more on the food label:

Low fat: less than 3 percent fat (for example, 3g of
Reduced fat: must contain at least 25 per cent
less fat than the standard equivalent product.

Reduced sugar: must contain at least 25 per cent
less sugar than the standard equivalent.
No added sugar:
no additional sugars added as an ingredient. Remember that
this doesn’t necessarily mean a food will have low sugar as it
may contain ingredients (such as fruit) that have a naturally
high sugar content.

High fiber: has at least 6g of fiber per 100g serving.
Source of fiber: contains at least 3g of fiber per 100g serving.

Reduced calorie: must contain at least 25 percent fewer calories than the standard equivalent. Be aware
that reduced calorie doesn’t necessarily mean the item in
question is low in calories.

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