This Genius Hack Shows You How to Cut Bread Without Smashing It

You might think you already know how to cut bread. But what if you've been doing it wrong this entire time?

Sometimes we wonder how we ever figured out how to handle our food before the Internet came into existence packed with little tips and tricks meant to make our lives easier. Last century, if you made an unexpected discovery in the kitchen, you might share it with family and friends and that was that. Now we have social media, which is more than just a way to keep up with your loved ones—it’s also a rich source of culinary inspiration.

How else would we know how to use a strainer the right way? For anyone who’s ever wondered how to cut bread so you don’t smash it all to bits, we’ve got a fresh-from-the-internet solution for you!

How to cut bread perfectly

If you’ve ever had trouble cutting a fresh loaf of French bread you just bought (or just made), you’re not alone. Even with a serrated knife, sometimes the knife slices but still smashes all the soft surface. You might get the job done but end up with sad, squished slices.

We found the solution from r/foodhacks on Reddit, and the answer is so simple: Flip the loaf upside down! Believe it or not, this method lets you get through the tough heel of the bread first, making it easier to maintain the shape.

I used to smush my fresh french bread when I sliced it. Today, I opened the loaf upside down – when I sliced it – no smushing! from r/foodhacks

Whether you’re talking baguettes, potato bread, challah, or more, this tip should work with any kind. Make your own bread with this bread recipe that has been viewed by thousands.

Sharpen your knife skills

First, you need to choose the right knife for the job. For bread or any cutting task that will benefit from a sawing motion, you’ll need a serrated knife. Hint: these knives also work well for cutting produce with soft flesh-like tomatoes. Once you’ve chosen the knife for your task, make sure it’s not dull. A dull knife is more likely to slip and cut you than a sharp knife.

We don’t know, but we’ll be trying out this hack with our favorite baking projects this weekend. Next, don’t miss these common kitchen mistakes you may be making—and how to fix them.

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