This Is the Only Way You Should Crack an Egg (It’s Not the Side of a Bowl)

Say goodbye to eggshells in your food.

cracking eggnito/ShutterstockWhether you’re whipping up breakfast or baking a cake, cracking an egg can turn into messy business. The yolk gets all over your hands, and the shells get into your bowl.

One common technique is to crack an egg into a separate dish from the rest of your ingredients so you can fish out the pieces of shell that inevitably end up in the bowl. But there’s an even easier way to avoid eggshell shards in the first place—and you won’t need to get your hands dirty scooping into the icky raw egg. (Check out 4 more tips for cooking the perfect eggs.)

Whenever you crack an egg, you probably give it a series of quick taps on the side of your bowl or counter. But that technique actually makes it pretty likely that you’ll end up with bits of shell once you give the final tap that breaks it. Every tap shatters the outside a little more, creating more shards that could sneak into your food, according to Slate. Not the secret ingredient you wanted in your famous recipe. (Find out the other mistakes everyone makes when cooking scrambled eggs.)

To leave those shells out of your food for good, forget using your bowl or counter. Even if you hit it just once (meaning minimal shards), the edges of those surfaces can force bits of shell inwards, according to The Daily Meal.

A better bet? Use a tabletop. With just one forceful hit, smack the egg on the flat surface of a counter or table. Be sure to aim for the side, which a study in the journal Physical Review Letters found is less rigid and easier to break than the curved top and bottom of an egg. That single hit on the table will make a crack in the egg, but the shards won’t make their way to the egg white. Now you can pry it apart with your fingers without leaving any eggshells. Time to get cooking! Before you fire up the stove, though, learn one chef’s 5 secrets for the perfect poached eggs.

[Source: The Daily Meal]

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