This Infographic Tells You Exactly How Many Calories There Are in Your Favorite Cheese

Cheese is hard to resist, but it's time you find out what you're really eating.

I like to think of myself as a very responsible person, but put me in a room with a block of cheese and I cannot be trusted. My mom says that as a baby I was most content eating pieces of cheese, and the same thing could be said about me today.

Cheese is definitely my favorite food. (Here’s what your favorite cheese says about your personality.) But while it’s high in protein and calcium, it is also high in calories and fat. Here’s a break down of key nutrition data for some of the most popular cheeses per 1 oz. servings:

How-Many-Calories-Are-in-Your-Favorite-CheeseTatiana Ayazo/,shutterstock

In my quest to lead a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing my favorite food, I try to eat the cheeses that give me the biggest bang for my buck (or calorie) in my meals.

The cheeses that pack the most flavor also tend to the lowest in calories: blue, brie, feta, and goat. And because they are more flavorful, I am satisfied with smaller portions of them. One ounce of feta or blue cheese goes a lot further in taste than one ounce of cheddar will. Give it a try in your dinner tonight.

Do you know what a one-ounce serving of cheese looks like? Find out here.

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