15 Hilarious Tweets You’ll Want to Send to Your Sister ASAP

It may not always be rainbows and butterflies, but having a sister is seriously the best!


There’s no bond quite like the one between sisters. You might be fighting one minute and planning a girls’ weekend the next. Whether they are older or younger than you, sisters can teach you a lot of valuable lessons. They’re by your side throughout those awkward years and offer a breath of fresh air while you’re still figuring out how to be an adult.

Sure, they may be a pain every once in a while, but they’re still the first best friend you ever had. That’s why these tweets are all too relatable. Also, on your next sister night, don’t forget to watch these heartwarming movies about sisters, because we know how much you really appreciate each other. Let’s hear it for sisters!

She always steals your things without asking…


And you hate her for it, but also know that deep down you still love her.

The thought of her getting mad at you is terrifying.


You know that you look alike, but for some reason can’t see the resemblance at all.


She needs to constantly reassure you of her love.

You love how quickly you can go back to being friends.

You can’t help but roll your eyes every time you get mistaken for the little sister.

You make the meanest threat to each other. If someone overheard they might call the police.

But it’s OK because you’ll always be BFFs.


You have no problem getting in trouble with each other, but not when mom gets involved.


You leave little love notes for her.

We don’t look alike! Stop saying that! Her hair is way darker.

You basically have two names and have learned to be okay with that.


Is it sad the have the first like on your picture always be your sister? We don’t think so.

I hate you. Let’s go get McDonalds.

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