8 Real (and Hilarious) Newspaper Typos You Won’t Believe Were Printed

"Two cable cars have been arrested recently..."

We Three Kings of Orient are/Bearing golf we traverse afar.

Well, even the Three Kings might make some mistakes. These are other grammatical errors even the smartest people make.

It must cost an arm and a ldkfj.

Spell check would definitely pick up that typo, but it won’t pick up these 9 spelling and grammar mistakes.

I hear he’s toadally a great player.

For the record, “amphibious” means “suited for both land and water.” We’re fairly certain “ambidextrous” would have made much more sense.

We’ve heard about laughing so hard you pee a little, but this

“Self-defecating humor”? Yikes! Thankfully, these short jokes won’t have the same side effects.

 “What’s” doesn’t sound like a very good policy to us.

The editor of this newspaper article might want to read these 8 apostrophe rules that everyone should master.

Looks like you should work on a farm.

Also, not to nitpick, but “not to heavy” makes no sense. Here are some more jokes only grammar nerds will appreciate.

Beware of demons


That was my favorite part too.


Beyond the newspaper, here are some more hilarious typos you won’t believe made it past the editors.

Bike Collision7000/Getty Images

Funny Road Signs

Smiley Street SignRichard Newstead/Getty Images

Hilarious Real Signs

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