22 Hilarious Tweets All Book Lovers Must Read

These funny tweets about literature will make all book lovers laugh from cover to cover.

LoopAll/ShutterstockTwitter answers the question, “what if everyone on the Internet was part of the same Writer’s Workshop, except nobody ever finished any work and the only grades are awarded for snarkiness?” If you’re a word nerd, it can be a thing of beauty. Here, for your nerdy amusement, are our all-time favorite tweets about books, writing, and Shakespeare’s wifi connection. If you identify with the word nerds of the world, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy these hilarious grammar jokes.

The real reason to “have your nose in a book”

Poetry, explained

A book lover’s curse


The secret ending of Frankenstein


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The rules of the ring

The peril of playing grammar police

Maybe he’s just offline?


A grammar nerd’s knock-knock joke

If you liked that, you’ll probably be down with these 12 smart jokes that make you sound like a genius.

Life reflects art, they say


YA lit has changed…

How to take an author photo

How to flirt in the library

I see what you did there

Forsooth, a 404

Pride and Pun-manship

An (un)educated guess

My cat’s favorite/least favorite opening line

Be careful what you capitalize

Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rassling


Common mistake

Grammar Bee hard

Ready for round two, lit lovers? Try these math jokes that only true nerds will appreciate.

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