This Is the Healthiest Way to Order Your Coffee (It’s Not Black)

Drink up, guilt-free!


Odds are, coffee is a non-negotiable part of your morning, even while on a diet. While drinking your cup of joe without cream and sugar might do wonders for your waistline—and even help you live longer!—it’s probably not so wonderful for your taste buds. (Plus, if you do drink your coffee black, it could be a sign you’re a psychopath.)

But here is some good news for those hoping to drop a few sizes: You can have your coffee and drink it, too. The guilt-free version of this daily necessity just requires one small tweak. Swap slim milk for whole milk in a latte—or even a plain old cup of joe—and you can blast the fat in no time.

Skeptical? The numbers don’t lie. According to a recent study, a medium-sized latte with whole milk from Dunkin Donuts tends to have around 170 calories and nine grams of fat. If you have a latte five days a week, that adds up to 4,550 calories a year—the equivalent of gaining 1.3 pounds. Meanwhile, a latte made with skim milk contains 110 calories and no fat. Need we say more? You can also try these other little ways to make your coffee habit healthier.

Keep in mind that the calories found in whole milk and skim milk might differ depending on chain you frequent. For example, this is the healthiest drink at Starbucks. Regardless, it just goes to show that a small change can make a big difference for your morning brew. Try this weight loss hack the next time you order while on-the-go, or stick to homemade coffee so you can control the portions.  And on the rare occasions when you’re not in a coffee mood, these tasty (and healthy) ways to drink up won’t pack on the pounds.

[Source: My Domaine]

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