If You Hate Your Job, We Can Probably Guess Your Age

Don't worry, be happy (unless you're this age).

The American workplace is a piece of work. The amount of stress that the average worker goes through is elephantine, and understandably, this stress can lead to some ire directed at one’s career. But is there a moment to be pinpointed, a precise year when you went from a bright eyed employee with a passion for unpaid overtime to a mid-level manager with a burning inexplicable detestation for every stapler in the office? Yes, according to a new survey from Robert Half International.


The survey took a look at the sentiments of 2,000 workers in the U.K. in regard to their jobs. The research found that the prevalence of unhappiness increased exponentially as workers aged; one in six employees over the age of 35 reported feeling unhappy. Fewer than one in 12 workers under the age of 35 reported feeling unhappy in comparison.

It should be noted that Robert Half International does peddle in workplace happiness solutions, for those with a hankering for a grain of salt.

There are plenty of ways to make your everyday life a bit happier and generally, that will bleed into the workplace. 

[Source: Bloomberg

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