Calling All Muggles! You Can Now Buy Harry Potter’s House

You'll just need $1.3 million, that's all.

01-Calling-All-Muggles!-You-Can-Now-Buy-Harry-Potter’ imitates art and real estate is expensive.  These two concepts collide at this gorgeous abode in Lavenham, United Kingdom, in a house that runs $1.3 million and happens to be the first home of Harry Potter.

02-Calling-All-Muggles!-You-Can-Now-Buy-Harry-Potter’ can also buy the farm from Charlotte’s Web if you wish.)

03-Calling-All-Muggles!-You-Can-Now-Buy-Harry-Potter’ to the Telegraph, the house that served as Harry’s Godric Hollow home in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, is now on the market. The six-bedroom home is known as the de Vere House and was originally built in the 14th century.  

04-Calling-All-Muggles!-You-Can-Now-Buy-Harry-Potter’ house holds significant historical value beyond the franchise, as King Henry VIII was said to visit the location in 1498. Oh, and the guy that some people think actually wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays, Edward De Vere, also lived here at one point.

05-Calling-All-Muggles!-You-Can-Now-Buy-Harry-Potter’ those unfamiliar with the book, the location wasn’t exactly known for its happy history, per se. The house was the scene of Harry’s parents’ murder at the hands of Lord Voldemort. If you buy the place, best not bring that up during more chipper occasions.

06-Calling-All-Muggles!-You-Can-Now-Buy-Harry-Potter’ you don’t have the necessary pounds lying around for the purchase, you can console yourself knowing that at least two new Potter books are set to come out come fall.

Source: The Telegraph