130 Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Everyone

From sentimental to chuckle-inducing, these birthday wishes are perfect for everyone in your life

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What to write in a birthday card

Ah, birthdays. They’re lovely occasions to celebrate those closest to you. You grab a gift and an endearing birthday card, but you may open the card and wonder “What happy birthday wish should I write?”

There’s no straight answer to what to write in a birthday card, but the first thing to consider is your relationship with the recipient. For instance, you have a different relationship with your best friend than your co-worker, so your birthday message to each of them will differ. While you may print a funny birthday meme to put in your sibling’s card, you may want to go the more heartfelt route for your spouse.

Whether you’re trying to be cute, sassy, sweet or straightforward, we have some great birthday messages and birthday wishes to share with everyone in your life, from parents to coworkers. Feel free to use them verbatim or reshape them to fit your voice.

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Happy birthday messages for her

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A special lady deserves a special birthday wish! Use these birthday wishes for your wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend and other extraordinary women in your life.

1. Cheers to another year! Hope your day is filled with love (and lots of birthday cake).

2. As we celebrate your latest trip around the sun, I can’t help but think of the light you shine on my life. Thank you for all you do, and may this be your best birthday yet.

3. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a year filled with love, adventure and prosperity. Here’s to you!

4. A one-of-a-kind birthday message for a one-of-a-kind gal. May all your birthday wishes come true this year.

5. You’re truly a ray of sunshine in my life. Happy birthday, my girl!

6. Today, we celebrate you and the beautiful life you have. May your birthday be as wonderful as you are.

7. It’s a day to celebrate you and everything you’ve accomplished in life. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Happy birthday!

8. Cake, presents, the affection of loved ones—talk about a great day. Wishing you the happiest birthday yet!

9. If I had a dollar for every time you’ve made my life better, I’d be the richest person in the world. Here’s to you, my girl—happy birthday!

10. Here’s to you and all this year has in store. Bring on the gifts (and the cake, of course).

11. The journey continues! And yours is truly special. Happy birthday to a wonderful ray of sunshine in my life.

12. A sweet day celebrating a sweet girl—how lucky I am to know you. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday! I can’t wait to see your beautiful smile light up the room for years to come.

14. Another trip around the sun is in the books, my dear. May this next trip shine just as bright. Happy birthday!

15. Happy birthday—may this year be filled with adventures, blessings and lots of laughs.

16. I’m grateful to know someone as wonderful as you. Thank you for letting me be part of your special day—happy birthday!

17. To the one who gives her all every single day: You inspire me to do my best and live life to the fullest. I’m eternally grateful for you and am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy birthday!

18. You never cease to amaze me, [name here]. I hope you have the happiest birthday yet–may it be filled with joy and warmth.

19. Another birthday’s here, which means another year filled with cherished memories awaits. Take advantage of every moment. Happy birthday!

20. Happy birthday to a smart, kind and truly gorgeous soul. Blow out those candles and take the next year by storm.

21. To the birthday girl—I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to know someone as wonderful as you. Today, we celebrate you and all the love you bring to the world. Cheers!

22. Happy birthday! May not just today, but the whole rest of the year, be one for the books.

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Happy birthday messages for him

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These birthday wishes work for the best guy in your life, whether you’re wishing a happy birthday to your husband, son, brother, boyfriend or another phenomenal man you know.

23. I hope your birthday is just as awesome as you are. Happy birthday, man!

24. To a great guy on his birthday: May this year be filled with joy and success. Wishing you the best!

25. Happy birthday to the guy I couldn’t picture my life without. I’m so grateful for you and love all that you are.

26. I don’t know what I did to deserve having such an incredible guy in my life—but man, I’m counting my blessings. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

27. Cheers to the man of the hour! Happy birthday, hope it’s a great one.

28. Happy birthday! Thank you for the incredible memories—can’t wait to make more with you this year.

29. It’s not about the years in your life, it’s about the life in your years … and man, you’ve lived quite a life so far. Excited to see what you do this year—happy birthday!

30. What a wonderful day to celebrate the man you’ve become. I’m so proud of you and wish you a very happy birthday.

31. Words can’t express how lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you for being you and giving your all every day—happy birthday!

32. You deserve the best—which is why I showed up today. You’re welcome. Happy birthday to the best guy out there!

33. Happy birthday! Thank you for being such a great friend. I appreciate you so much and hope you have an unforgettable day. Cheers!

34. An awesome day to celebrate an awesome guy! Hope this birthday is one for the books.

35. Wishing the guy I can count on most a very happy birthday. You rock!

36. I could write a novel, but the space on this card is limited, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. You’re the absolute best, man—wishing you the happiest birthday yet.

37. Well, it’s that time of year again … time to celebrate a real special guy. Happy birthday!

38. Happy birthday to a man I’m so proud to know. You really are the best—have an incredible day.

39. My guy, you deserve to have all your wishes come true. Happy birthday!

40. Happy birthday to one of the strongest, most thoughtful men I know. I hope this year brings you nothing but prosperity and happiness.

41. To an amazing man: You are nothing short of incredible, and you deserve the world and then some. Happy birthday!

42. Wishing you nothing but the best on your birthday. Can’t wait to see you make big things happen!

43. Time to celebrate and get this party going! Happy birthday to a stand-up guy who I’m lucky to have in my life.

44. Happy birthday, [name here]—eat that cake, open those gifts and take in the amazing love of your friends and family.

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Happy birthday messages for friends

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Show your best friend and others in your inner circle how much you care by sending them one of these great happy birthday wishes.

45. I’m so happy our paths crossed in this life. Wishing you a very happy birthday, my friend!

46. Don’t worry, I already know my present is your favorite. You should open the rest anyway—you know, to be polite. Have a fabulous birthday!

47. You may be another year older, but hey, you’ve still got it in my eyes. Happy birthday!

48. To a very special friend: Thank you for being in my life. I’m so happy to celebrate you today and hope you have a great birthday.

49. Congrats on getting another candle on the cake, bud!

50. Another year in the books. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

51. Happy birthday to the person who has made such a positive impact on my life. I’m forever grateful for you and our friendship.

52. Wishing my dearest pal a big happy birthday. May this be one for the books!

53. Happy birthday to someone who defines what a good friend is—honest, caring, loyal and incredibly kind. I’ve learned so much from you and can’t wait to see you thrive this year.

54. Came for the cake, stayed to see who got you the best gift. (Spoiler: It’s me.) Cheers to an awesome birthday!

55. No ifs, ands or buts about it: You really are the best friend anyone could have. Happy birthday!

56. Happy birthday, bud! I’m grateful I get to spend your big day with you (and that your birthday cake looks delicious).

57. My dear friend: You truly deserve the best the world has to offer. I’m beyond thankful for our friendship and look forward to celebrating you today. Happy birthday!

58. A great day to celebrate a great friend! Happy birthday, and cheers to many more.

59. You’re simply the best. Wishing a big happy birthday to one of my dearest friends—may it be a year for the books.

60. Another year older? Yep. Another year wiser? That’s up for debate. Have an awesome birthday and enjoy the cake!

61. May all your birthday wishes come true this year—happy birthday, friend!

62. To a friend who has been there through thick and thin, I have two words for you: You rock. Enjoy your birthday and all that comes with it.

63. You’re the definition of a good friend, [name here], and I’m grateful we get to celebrate your latest trip around the sun together. Happy birthday!

64. It was tough finding a gift that outshines your lovely smile, but I did my best. Enjoy, and happy birthday, my friend.

65. May the cake be delicious and the next year be epic! Happy birthday, pal.

66. I already got you the best present—my presence. No wrapping paper needed. Hope your birthday is filled with laughs and smiles!

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Happy birthday messages for parents

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Cheers to you, mom and dad. Show your parents your appreciation by gracing their birthday cards with one of these sweet messages.

67. Happy birthday to the best [mother/father] anyone could ask for. Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do. Sending you lots of love on your special day!

68. [Mom/Dad], words can’t describe how grateful I am for you. Thank you for all the laughs and life lessons. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

69. Wishing the biggest happy birthday to the best [mom/dad] in the world. May your birthday be filled with love, laughter and pure joy.

70. Break out the cake! Happy birthday to the best parent in the world (in my totally unbiased opinion). I love you and wish you the best year yet.

71. [Mom/Dad], another candle on the cake means another incredible year has come and gone. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings you. Happy birthday!

72. Happy birthday to my role model and biggest supporter. I love you dearly and hope your day brings you nothing but happiness.

73. Time to celebrate the best of the best! Happy birthday, [Mom/Dad], and enjoy the presents and cake.

74. Happy birthday, [Mom/Dad]. Your kindness, love and optimism never cease to amaze me. Time to celebrate all that you are and all the positivity you put in the world.

75. As we celebrate you today, I can’t help but think of all the wonderful things you’ve done for our family over the years. I’m forever in awe of you, [Mom/Dad]. Happy birthday, my hero.

76. There’s no one like you, [Mom/Dad]. I’m so happy to celebrate your special day with you. Happy birthday, and here’s to many more!

77. There’s one common theme in my happiest memories: you. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world. May your day be filled with 10 times the joy you’ve provided for others.

78. Happy birthday to the most important person in my life. Thank you for being my confidant, cheerleader and best supporter. I love you so much, [Mom/Dad]—cheers to your special day!

79. You’re a legend, [Mom/Dad], and it’s time to celebrate all that you are and all you do. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the whole world (and don’t worry, I know I’m your favorite too).

80. My dearest [Mom/Dad], I really lucked out getting you as a parent. Thank you for helping me live my very best life, I’m eternally grateful. Happy birthday!

81. Do you know that when you look up “rock star” in the dictionary, your picture is there? Makes sense, considering you’re such a rock star parent. Happy birthday to the greatest person I know. Love you dearly!

82. [Mom/Dad], today we celebrate the incredible day you came into the world. Look at what you’ve built since then. I’m so proud to be your child. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

83. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to call you my parent. Thank you for all you’ve done for me—now, let’s celebrate you! Happy birthday.

84. Happy birthday to the person who will always be No. 1 in my heart. Love you endlessly!

85. Another year filled with cherished memories and endless laughs in the books. Cheers to the next one, [Mom/Dad]. Happy birthday!

86. Don’t worry, your birthday wish already came true—your favorite kid (me) is here! But hey, maybe make another wish when you blow out the candles so the others aren’t suspicious. Love you lots, happy birthday!

87. Happy birthday to the best of the best. I don’t know where I’d be without your endless support and unwavering love. Here’s to you and all you are.

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Happy birthday messages for siblings

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Oh, siblings—the ones who’ve had your back since day one. Give your brother or sister a special birthday wish to express your love for them.

88. Happy birthday to a fabulous [brother/sister]. I can’t picture my life without you and am so glad you’re in my life. Let’s celebrate!

89. Brilliant, hilarious, gorgeous … you really are a triple threat! Sending you lots of love on your special day.

90. The cake’s looking a little crowded with those candles, huh? Just kidding, of course—wishing you a happy birthday, [bro/sis]!

91. We were born siblings, but I’m so grateful for the friendship we’ve built over the years. Cheers to you on your birthday, and here’s to many more.

92. Here’s to the sweetest [brother/sister] I could have asked for. I love you so much and can’t wait to see what you do this year. Happy birthday!

93. I can’t count how many times you’ve made me smile over the years. Now, let’s see your smile shine bright on your birthday! May your day be filled with love and laughter.

94. [Brother/Sister], you’re like a fine wine: You’re only getting better with age. Cheers to a fantastic birthday!

95. Don’t forget to save the biggest slice of cake for your favorite sibling. Happy birthday to a one-of-a-kind [brother/sister]. I love you endlessly!

96. Happy birthday to the person who’s been my go-to buddy since day one. Here’s to many more years of shenanigans!

97. When we were younger, I thought I was stuck with you. Now, you’re the one who’s stuck with me! Happy birthday to the best sibling anyone could ask for.

98. I don’t care what mom and dad say: You’re a keeper. Can’t wait to celebrate all that you are—happy birthday!

99. Happy birthday to one of the greatest people I know. I wouldn’t trade our sibling bond for anything. Enjoy your day filled with love and celebration!

100. [Brother/Sister], I love how selfless and endearing you are at your core. You always celebrate others, but now it’s time to celebrate YOU. Wishing you the best birthday yet!

101. I can’t count how many lessons you’ve taught me, [bro/sis]. But the biggest one I’ve learned from you is this: Live well and love big. May you live well and love big on your birthday.

102. Remember, we could be thousands of miles apart, but our hearts will always be close. Happy birthday to my other half!

103. I would say I love you to the moon and back, but that’s pretty far—how about to the mailbox and back? All jokes aside, I’m so lucky to have you as a sibling. Happy birthday, and cheers to a wonderful year!

104. To my sibling and my very best friend: I’m so excited to celebrate you on your birthday. Let’s raise our glasses to the wonderful person you are. Happy birthday!

105. I may not be rich, but I definitely hit the sibling jackpot with you. I’m so grateful for you and all we’ve experienced together. Have a wonderful birthday.

106. Another 365 days of being the best [brother/sister] has come and gone. I just know this next year will be even better. Happy birthday, my wonderful sibling!

107. Happy birthday, my dear sibling. Enjoy the day and get ready for an incredible year ahead. Love you!

108. Cheers to celebrating another birthday together, [name here]. I’m so proud to call you my sibling. Now, open those presents and cut that cake!

109. Happy birthday to the person I’m lucky to call my sibling. I’ll always admire how you go through life with fearless grace. Here’s to the adventures the next 365 days will hold.

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Happy birthday messages for coworkers

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They’re the ones you couldn’t do your job without! Let your office friends know you’re thinking of them by sending them a special birthday message.

110. Happy birthday! I’m so thankful we met through work and that we’ve gotten to know each other. Hope you have an extra special day!

111. Sending lots of birthday wishes your way!

112. May your birthday be as wonderful as you. Happy birthday, [name]!

113. Wishing you a very happy birthday and a splendid year ahead.

114. Thank you for all you do, both at work and in life. I hope this is the best birthday yet!

115. To a great coworker: May your birthday be filled with joy and love. Have an awesome day!

116. [Name], you’re a real rock star. I hope you enjoy your birthday (and birthday cake!).

117. Time to celebrate how incredible you are! Happy birthday to one of my favorite coworkers.

118. You’re truly the best to work with. Happy birthday to the office superstar!

119. Happy birthday, [name]! Thanks for making our shifts together memorable. Have a lovely day.

120. Happy birthday to one of the best coworkers around. Hope it’s filled with fun, laughs and delicious cake.

121. I’m so grateful you’re on our team. Happy birthday to a phenomenal coworker!

122. [Name], what can I say? You’re such a lovely person, and you’re a gem to work with. Happy birthday!

123. You work hard, and now it’s time to enjoy your special day. Happy birthday to a one-of-a-kind coworker.

124. Words can’t express how appreciative I am for your work. Thank you for all you do, and I hope your birthday is extra special this year.

125. It’s an honor to work alongside someone as kind and hardworking as you. Happy birthday, and cheers to many more!

126. Happy birthday! Enjoy your special day and all that comes with it.

127. Enjoy your birthday, [name here]—and thank you for bringing your can-do attitude to our work. You’re a joy!

128. Happy birthday to a hard-working, caring and simply incredible coworker. Have a phenomenal day!

129. Work brought us together, but your warm smile and infectious laugh made us friends. Happy birthday to the best person at the office.

130. Happy birthday, [name here]—can’t wait to celebrate with you at happy hour!

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