Holding Your Hand in This Position Could Boost Your Metabolism

Who knew?!

Your hands have lots to offer, beyond just being useful tools for everyday tasks. (Keep an eye out for these diseases your hands might predict.) In fact, they can even be good for your health in a rather strange way. Research shows that reflexology, or applying pressure to certain areas of the hand, activates huge benefits for both your body and mind.

Among the most powerful positions is the “Surya Mudra,” a yoga-inspired pose that improves your digestion and metabolism. The technique is also said to remedy low blood temperature and appetite loss.

To reap the rewards of this amazing move, simply use your thumb to hold your ring finger down, keeping your other three fingers pointing straight up. Are the pounds melting off your body yet? (You can also make your hands look younger almost instantly.)


Other hand positions have even more incredible health perks. Reflexologists say clutching your thumb with your opposite hand for about five minutes can relieve anxiety and headaches. Holding any of the other fingers can help you manage your emotions, including: fear (index finger); anger (middle finger); sadness (ring finger); and stress (pinky finger).

And how could we forget the palm? Massaging it in a circular motion while breathing deeply can prevent nausea, stress, diarrhea, and constipation. If you press both palms together in a meditative style, you can improve your concentration and blood circulation.

Your hands need a little TLC, too. Don’t miss the signs they are begging for some care.

[Source: BrightSide]

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