This Infographic Is Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet for the Prettiest Hair Colors for Each Season

These are hottest hair hues for brunettes, blondes, and redheads season by season.

Each season presents an opportunity to try something new—from our wardrobe to our beauty regimen. We change up our makeup and skin care routine, so why not our strands? Whether you’re lightening up your base, adding a few highlights (or lowlights, depending on the season) trying out balayage, color can totally transform your tresses.

Now for the hard part: Deciding which color is right for you can be tricky. Add to that having to take seasonality into account and it can be enough to make your head spin. Lucky for you, and your strands, we asked veteran colorists—Sharon Dorram, master colorist and founder of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York; Jasmin Rainieri, senior colorist at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York; and Fae Norris, colorist at Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles—to share the hottest shades for each season.

Wondering what hue to choose for spring, summer, fall, or winter? According to Dorram, lighter hues are a great way to kick start spring. Come summer, it’s all about keeping color light and bright. Vibrant highlights complement a gorgeous (faux) glow (learn how Sports Illustrated models get their perfect faux glow). For fall, the focus should be on transitioning from sun-kissed strands to richer tones. And deeper, darker ‘dos rule for cold winter weather, according to Rainieri.

Ready for a seasonally-inspired look? Before your book your next salon appointment, check out this handy infographic to help guide you through this ever-important ‘do decision. (And, don’t forget to read up on the best hair color for your complexion, so you can determine if a warm or cool tone is better suited for your skin.)


  • Brunette: A chocolate brown, semi-permanent gloss is shiny and luminous, so it makes skin it revives and awakens post-winter skin. (Example: Demi Lovato)

  • Blonde: Golden blonde highlights on a honey blonde base infuses strands with warmth for the warmer weather ahead. (Example: Claire Danes)

  • Redhead: A light auburn to copper, semi-permanent rinse serves as the perfect transitional hue—taking tresses from winter to spring. (Example: Emma Stone)


  • Brunette: A lighter, soft sandy brown base with face framing honey highlights brings out warmth in the skin. (Example: Jessica Alba)

  • Blonde: A sandy blonde base with bright, buttery blonde highlights is the perfect sun-kissed shade for summer.(Example: Naomi Watts)

  • Redhead: A strawberry base with strawberry blonde highlights. The way the sun reflects off these tones delivers an energetic quality that goes hand-in-hand with the vibrancy of the season. (Example: Christina Hendricks)


  • Brunette: A rich chocolate brown to deep slate brown single process color. Going slightly darker creates more depth, which works well for autumn. (Example: Kerry Washington)

  • Blonde: A semi-permanent rinse to deepen strands to a richer, honey blonde shade. Flaxen hues work well with more subdued hues of the season. (Example: Sienna Miller)

  • Redhead: A deep, shiny cedar red-brown, using semi-permanent color. This striking hue draws inspiration from the falling leaves, making it stunningly seasonal. (Example: Debra Messing)


  • Brunette: Walnut, rich espresso and mahogany are made for winter. They provide a more cooling color and look great with most winter wardrobes. (Example: Lily Collins)

  • Blonde: Ash blonde with natural roots or a frosty platinum-esque shade with cool undertones will brighten up even the palest complexions. (Example: Coco Rocha)

  • Redhead: Merlot red, cool auburn, and dark cherry hues offer a rich, striking contrast for snowy days and longer nights. (Example: Lana del Rey)

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