55 Goat Puns That Are So Baaad, They’re Good

You'll eat up these silly jokes faster than a billy goat—we're not kidding!

There’s nothing quite like a clever pun to bring a smile to your face. The farmyard is an eggcellent place to find some punny inspiration, especially if you cluck with delight when you hear a good chicken pun or hear a sheep pun that’s perfect for ewe. With so many cute animals running around, there are unlimited joke possibilities just waiting to be discovered. From horse jokes to cow jokes to pig puns, the material is endless. And let’s not forget the goat puns. These lovable farm animals are leaders in the silliness market. As goat yoga, funny goat pictures, and viral videos of yelling goats prove, everyone loves some good goat entertainment.

So sit back, relax, and continue reading to get your kicks with these hilarious goat puns and jokes. You have goat to read them! They are sure to make you laugh—we are not kidding. Bonus: They’re also great short jokes anyone can remember!

1. What’s a sporty goat’s go-to drink?


2. What is a little goat’s favorite nursery rhyme to sing?

“Row, Row, Row Your Goat.”

3. What is a goat’s favorite animal at the zoo?

An alli-goat-or.

4. What is a mountain goat called?

A hillbilly.

5. What did the goat say about her veggies?

“These are so baaaaad!” You know what isn’t bad, though? This list of the best “why did the chicken cross the road?” jokes.

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6. Whatever floats your goat!

7. I goat you, babe!

8. What does a goat usually have for breakfast?


9. What did the bored goat say?


10. What musical do goats watch over and over again?

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamgoat.

11. You’ve goat mail.

12. Why do goats have trouble making friends?

They always butt heads.

Bachelor goat holding final roserd.com, Getty Images

13. What reality show did the goat go on to find love?

The Baaaa-chelor.

14. I don’t know how I goat here.

15. What do you call a goat that swims really fast?

A motor goat.

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16. Which president did the goat like the most?

Billy Clinton.

17. What did the mama goat and her kids do each night?

Read scary goat stories!

18. What TV show do goats enjoy watching with their families?

America’s Goat Talent.

19. What’s a goat’s favorite chick flick?

Something’s Goatta Give.

20. What do you call a goat that is always cleaning up?

A room-baaa.

21. What did the angry goat say to her husband?

“Don’t goat me started.”

22. What do you call a young goat that knows martial arts?

A karate kid.

23. What is a goat’s beard called?

A goatee!

24. Goat milk?

Goat playing a hornrd.com, Getty Images

25. Why are goats from France more musical than ones from America?

They have French horns.

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26. Why do goats hate waiting in line at the post office?

Nobody’s goat time for that!

27. What did the goat that hated celebrating Christmas say?


28. What do goats say when they trick their parents?

“I was just kidding!”

29. What video game are goats amazing at?

Mario Goat Cart!

30. What did the employer tell the interviewee?

“You goat the job!”

31. I’m baaaaaaad.

32. What’s a goat’s favorite cheese?


33. What do you call a goat that works in a donut shop?

A battering ram.

34. You’ve goat to be kidding me.

Goat wearing earrings and necklacerd.com, Getty Images

35. How do you keep a fashionable goat from charging?

You cut up her credit cards.

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36. What is a napping baby goat called?

A kid-napper.

37. What are a goat’s favorite song lyrics?

“I goat to get up to get down!”

38. Don’t goat me wrong.

39. What did the kid say when he pranked his parents?


40. What does a goat say when he has to repeat himself?

“Here we goat again.”

Artist goat with paintbrush and canvasrd.com, Getty Images

41. Which artist do goats love the most?

Vincent Van Goat.

42. What can you look at if you want to see a goat’s family tree?

A goat of arms.

43. You herd it here first.

44. Where did the goat go to get his hair trimmed?

The baaaa-ber

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45. What did the mama goat say to her kids?

“I need a nanny goat!”

46. Which singer do goats always listen to?

Billy Ray Cyrus.

47. What did the boy goat tell his friend when he saw a past crush?

“She’s the one that goat away.”

48. What did the bald goat say when he looked in the mirror?

“I wish I had mohair!”

49. You had me from the goat-go.

50. Why were the kids mad at each other?

They goat into a fight.

51. Goat a load of that!

52. No kidding.

53. Why did the goat end up crashing into the wall?

She didn’t see the ewe turn.

54. You’ve goat this!

55. What is a goat dressed as a clown called?

A silly billy.

We may have come to the end of our goat puns, but we’re not done with the animal kingdom just yet! Next, check out these bear puns that will make you growl with laughter.

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