This Is Why Glad Containers Have Circles on Their Lids (They’re Not Just Decoration!)

We never would have guessed!


If you’re a leftover junkie, you’re probably very familiar with Glad food containers. (And hopefully know these other 9 tricks for cutting food waste.) But have you ever really noticed the circles on their lids? No, they’re not just a cute little design—they actually have a really useful purpose.

Facebook user Sarah Rose posted a picture of her Glad To Go Snack containers on her profile. Sounds kind of boring until you take a closer look. Prepare to have your mind blown.

“HOW AM I JUST NOW finding out that the circle on these lids are actually lids for the tiny containers?! Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t know this,” wrote Sarah Rose.

That’s right—those circles on top are the perfect size for the little cups that come with Glad To Go Lunch and Snack containers. Once you dole out your dips, the smaller cups snap into place on the big lid so you can keep everything in one place without getting your food mushy. Seems perfect for storing salad dressing or hummus for veggie sticks, or maybe helping with these smart ways to use up leftovers.

We’ll admit, the To Go packages even advertise that they come with dressing cups meant to snap right in. But we somehow managed to miss it, too.

Best news of all? You can snap those handy little cups into other containers too. One Glad reviewer notes that they work with entrée-sized boxes, too. Those containers just say the circles keep your cupboards organized by snapping to other lids, but as long as you get a set of To Go containers, the possibilities are endless for the other sizes.

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