Over 30,000 Shoppers Use These Glasses to Combat Eye Fatigue and Dryness—And Amazon Has Them on Deep Discount

Headaches, neck strain and dry eyes. Oh, my! Gaoye blue light glasses save your productivity—and your precious peepers. Here's how they work.

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Do you remember those Clear Eye commercials from the late 90s with the teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? That old ad plays rent-free in my head. Between work—where I spend all day shopping deals on the internet—and my free time (let’s not discuss the shocking number of hours I’m buried in PC and Nintendo Switch games) my eyes get dry—a lot. At least, they did—until I learned about Gaoye blue light glasses.

What are blue light glasses?

It’s 2023. Everyone has a cell phone, and the majority of us spend at least three hours on our smartwatches and phones every day. That translates to over 22 hours per week of screen time—and that’s just phone usage. Think about the other tech in your daily life. Working at a laptop, watching your smart TV and playing video games makes that number shoot up even higher.

Screens emit blue light, and that light affects us negatively. Side effects are so common, there’s even a name for this kind of eye strain: computer vision syndrome (CVS). Among other symptoms, CVS causes blurry vision, tired eyes, a strained neck and headaches. Wearing blue light glasses is a convenient way to avoid these damaging effects.

What do blue light glasses do?

Much like wearing UV-protective and polarized sunglasses, blue light filtering glasses—like the Gaoye blue light glasses—block the hazardous light that causes CVS. Using specialized yellow tints, they neutralize blue light. Thus, your eyes don’t have to work as hard to process digital screens. After all, your eyes are a muscle—forcing them into daily workouts without a break just isn’t sustainable.

Do blue light glasses work?

The good news is that blue light glasses do work—with a few caveats. While they’re unlikely to relieve CVS symptoms altogether, evidence suggests that popping on a pair of blue light glasses purchased online or through your optometrist reduces certain symptoms of CVS, like eye dryness and blurry vision.

Plus, regular use of blue light glasses in the evening makes it easier to sleep at night. You can still doom scroll TikTok before bedtime while your phone is plugged into your multi-device charging station. We recommend trying to replace those habits with healthier ones, like picking up a new book before you hit the hay.

Why shoppers love Gaoye blue light glasses

Not only do Gaoye blue light glasses reduce headaches and eye strain in your daily life, but they’re also fashionable. Available in a wide range of shades, these glasses come in a three-pack. Pop a spare pair into your work bag, or use the extra pairs as a gift for a writer or tech-lover.

Consider investing in some accessories to keep them in tip-top shape. A few must-haves are an anti-fog spray, a good-quality glasses caseglasses cleaner and a few spare glasses wipes to avoid smudges and spots.

Where to buy Gaoye blue light glasses

Amazon sells Gaoye blue light glasses in dozens of different colors and styles. Normally, the three-pack retails for $25.99. For a limited time, Amazon slashed prices to only $10.19—that’s a savings of 61%. Take advantage of the deal and stock up on a few sets to keep at work, home, in the car and anywhere else you spend a lot of time staring at a screen.

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