12 Period Tweets That Will Make You Cry Laughing (or Laugh Crying)

They're so accurate it hurts (but not as much as cramps).

1. Get the Kleenex ready


Crying is actually good for you, so might as well let it out.

2. A necessary evil


Don’t jump to conclusions if it doesn’t come—there are plenty of reasons for a missed period besides pregnancy.

3. Mood swings? More like rollercoaster


Don’t miss these other medical reasons you might be cranky.

4. Not feeling so flawless


5. Give some space

6. An accurate description of cramps


Get relief with these weird treatments for cramps.

7. Never underestimate the pain

8. Time is so not flying

Don’t miss these things your period wants to tell you.

9. Spare the dog!

Try these PMS treatments that actually work.

10. No point holding it in


Avoid these period mistakes during your next time of the month.

11. They know their audience

Get some relief with these foods that make your period feel better.

12. Some things are worth the tears, and some…

14. The real questions


Try one of these exercises to relieve cramps.

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