Calling All Millennials, We Dare You Not to Laugh At These Tweets

They might be a cynical generation, but they also know how to crack a joke.

Live in the moment, don’t think about your future yet…

It seems like millennials get blamed for everything. So it’s no wonder that they’re a little cynical. They’re just starting to enter the real world and figure out how difficult life can really be, so cut them some slack. Trust me, you will find it hard to hold in the laughter when scrolling through these tweets. But, if you find that you don’t relate all that well with millennials, you could be part of this brand new micro-generation.

Did you know that millennials are actually the happiest generation ever? (Even though these tweets seem to prove otherwise.) Here’s their secret to being happy.

Patience in a virtue

Shopping advice: Know what you need beforehand. Get in. Get out.

Millennials will instantly recognize these scents from their childhood.

We shed many tears for J.C. Penney

It’s about time we learned how to read the fine print

This is how millennials are rewriting the rules for success.

Brunch is an important part of the budget

Millennials have strong opinions

For the love of God, learn how to do simple computer tasks

Sure…we’re the ones ruining the economy

That’s a very sad board game

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