This Chart Reveals the Cheapest Way to Get Downtown from the World’s Busiest Airports

These easy tips will get you from city center to check-in in a matter of minutes—without emptying your pocket.

Touching down in a new destination is thrilling—and terrifying. Although you’ll probably want to get to the heart of the city right away, local transportation can definitely, ah, trip you up. The world’s busiest airports are often confusing, overwhelming, and just plain unhelpful when it comes to getting from Point A to B. That’s why we’ve found the perfect guide to the cheapest and easiest ways to travel from the airport to the city, all in a matter of minutes.

Long story short? In most cities, taking the bus will save your wallet, but the lower price may not be worth the time required to reach your destination. That’s especially true in New York and Hong Kong, where it will take you an hour and a half just to travel the 15 miles between airport and downtown. Hopping on a train in London or Sydney is the best option, thanks to the low cost-to-time ratio in both cities.

If you’re traveling in Barcelona, Dubai or Amsterdam, it will be totally worth it to cash out for a taxi or Uber. Although it might cost a bit more, you’ll cut your travel time in half. But when looking for taxis in Dubai, here’s a pro tip: keep an eye out for cream-colored vehicles instead of yellow ones. Why? They’re the official color of taxis in the city. And taxis in Amsterdam can’t be hailed at the airport, so you should pick them up at a dedicated taxi rank, instead.


Traveling to another major city? Just follow the guide below. Then, make sure to avoid these common travel scams on your next vacation.

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