This Map Shows the Food Your State Hates the Most

It's never pumpkin spice season in Montana.

“Hate” is a strong word. A strong word used to describe our feelings towards the sound of chewing. A strong word used to describe how we sometimes feel about the sound of our own voice.

But in the U.S., hatred isn’t universal. For example, you might head to Boston to find out a general ill will toward the New York Yankees. Or you might head to New York to find a general ill will toward the Boston Red Sox. Or you might go anywhere else in the country to find a general dislike for the lot of them. In short, things vary from state to state, and that includes food hate.

Hater, a dating app which matches you with people based on your disdain for certain things, gathered data about the most execrated cuisine in each state. And boy, New Jersey does have some feelings on gas station wine (which is peculiar because you legally can’t buy wine at New Jersey gas stations).

haterHater Inc
Credit: Hater Inc.

According to the Huffington Post, Hater’s 600,000 users have expressed hatred for 3,000 topics over 100 million times since the app launched—that’s a lot of intense dislike going on. 

As you see in the map above, all of Arkansas is smell blind to cilantro. Also, it seems Washington just can’t wean itself of its home state’s most famed mermaid coffee shop. And apparently, Texas is incredibly reasonable because ordering a steak well done is a sin which should be punishable by law.

Much like the number of syllables in “caramel,” everything is up for debate, region by region.

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