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april 2015 finish this sentence

…I ate the whole fruitcake.
Les Jackson, Portland, OR

…I permed my hair in the ’80s.
Glynis Buschmann, Yuba City, CA

…I moved back to Las Vegas.
Kellie Rippley Murphy, Las Vegas, NV

…I decided to stay in Minnesota, with its negative-degree days and no working furnace.
Mary O’Connor Eggert, Freeport, MN

…I got this tattoo on my leg.
Pamela Godsil, Galesburg, IL

…I thought I had to be normal.
Lauren Byington, Rolla, MO

…I left a hamburger in the car for two days during the summer. Yuck!
Cindy Forish, Red Oak, TX

…I posted that on Facebook.
Daniel Stuart, Corydon, IN

…I bought my son this drum set.
Amy Carroll Bennett, Centre, AL

…I thought I could eat all the desserts I’ve been making and not gain 30 pounds.
Cathy Hurtt, Chillicothe, OH

…I married a birder. So. Much. Birding.
Rebecca Millen, Lancaster, PA

…I promised my husband no more cats. I wish I could help them all.
Julie Scott, Pittsburgh, PA

…I decided to run for the bus in four-inch-high stilettos. Did I think the cobblestone street would be kind?
Jessica Yadav, Atlanta, GA

…I quit my well-paying government job because I was miserable instead of grateful.
Maureen Wilson, Tampa, FL

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