This $28 Key Finder Makes Locating Lost Items Easy

This clever product makes losing important belongings a thing of the past, and it's less than $30.

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How often have you set down your car keys and totally forgotten where they went? Same with your wallet, purse, backpack—the list goes on. You’re not alone. As a tech editor, I rely on tech to track tasks, weather, and my go-to items on the regular, and even I’m not immune to misplacing things that I need for everyday work. Luckily, a key finder can help.

There’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep yourself from losing items so often: Enter the Esky Key Finder, an absolutely essential piece of tech I’d suggest to anyone who needs help finding things and staying organized. My tech editor pick for Black Friday this year may have gone to the Roku Ultra Streaming Device, but if I had to choose a runner-up in terms of sheer usefulness, the Esky Key Finder would take the cake.

This is one piece of tech you’re going to want to add to your cart sooner rather than later.

What is the Esky Key Finder?

The Esky Key Finder is one of those fantastic little products for people who lose things. It’s an easy way to locate your keys (as the name implies) as well as just about everything else you might have misplaced. It’s a two-part system that comes with a base station and remote as well as six rectangular receivers. The remote’s colorful rainbow buttons correspond to the vivid hues on each receiver, which can be attached to a keyring, smartphones, wallets, purses, pets, and just about anything you can think of.

When not in use, you can leave the remote cradled within the included stand so you don’t accidentally misplace that important part of the system (trust me, that’s something I would do.) When the time comes, you can swap out receivers among whatever items you choose and use them over and over again.

What’s really cool about the Esky Key Finder is that it transmits its signals via radio frequency. That means no lengthy setup via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and the remote is always connected. That takes some of the potential frustration out of the equation.

If you or someone you know tends to misplace important items, this is one of many invaluable tech gifts that’ll absolutely improve their quality of life.

How to use the Esky Key Finder

To locate a specific item, you simply need to press the remote button that matches the item you attached the receiver to. It will emit a loud, 80db beep to help lead you to your missing item. Even if you don’t happen to be near what you’ve lost at the moment, the Esky Key Finder can still function. Its radio frequency can penetrate through thicker walls, doors, and cushions to locate an item up to 100 feet away.

Just follow the sound, and you’ll find exactly what you were looking for. It’s a lot like the process that Apple implemented for figuring out how to find lost AirPods, but you can attach a receiver to just about anything you own. The package also comes with six key rings to attach your receivers to, as well as six hook and loop tapes to attach them to whatever you’d like.

Plus, the device has a lengthy battery life thanks to the premium batteries it ships with, so you’ll be able to reuse it time and time again. You’ll receive eight CR2032 batteries for both the transmitter and receiver upon purchase.

Why is the Esky Key Finder trending?

Amazon reviewers can’t get enough of the Esky Key Finder. The reason is simple: It’s an affordable, fun, and easy-to-use gadget that doesn’t break the bank or confuse anyone. It comes with multiple built-in uses, and it can be set up in minutes. Not only does it make sense for anyone who simply misplaces their items, but it’s a great gift for family, friends, or even the elderly, who might be dealing with cognitive issues.

It’s a supportive piece of tech that’s easy to both set up and use, and it’s less than $30, which makes it cheaper than both the leading other key finder brands like Tile and Apple’s AirTags.

The best Amazon user reviews

Verified Amazon purchaser Claire thinks the key finder is the answer to stress-free mornings: “We have a brush problem at our house. They disappear and I buy more and those disappear too. I’ve tried everything. I even considered tying them to bathroom drawers. And then I saw this. Cue the angels. And now instead of shouts of ‘WHERE’S THE BRUSH?!’ I hear the paging beeps followed by happy silence. My morning sanity is restored. I’m drinking my coffee while it’s still hot. I even have time for reviewing purchases on Amazon.”

ChocolateMaven appreciates the remote’s volume: “The beep is nice and loud and I love the remote feature. I used velcro to attach it to a wall so it doesn’t get lost.”

The Bears use the key finder for just about everything: “This thing has seriously been a marriage saver. We have one attached to my keys, my husband’s keys, my husband’s security badge, along with remotes and things we lose often.”

How does the Esky Key Finder compare to other key finders?

The Esky Key Finder isn’t the only key finder on the market. There are a selection of others you could purchase, such as Tile’s set of trackers, or even Apple’s AirTags. While those key finders do offer a wide variety of features, they also have their downsides that make the Esky Key Finder one of the best options for most buyers.

For instance, all of Tile’s trackers as well as Apple’s AirTags rely on Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to locate your items. You’ll also need to use an app to locate your items, which could make it difficult to find anything should your phone be what’s missing. Some users, especially those unfamiliar with how to install apps or even users without smartphones, aren’t able to use these trackers as easily as the Esky Key Finder.

Of course, there are reasons the Tile and AirTags key finders are more expensive, and much of that is owed to their range and abilities. Both also take advantage of augmented reality to help you track your items down, and they can be attached to the app you download for each product. The Esky Key Finder doesn’t have this type of functionality and works on a much simpler, more streamlined basis.

Both Tile and AirTags are also much pricier than the Esky Key Finder. A single Tile Mate, which can be attached to the item of your choice, is $14.99. A single Apple AirTag is $29.00. The Esky Key Finder gives you six individual receivers and a remote for under $30 and frequently goes on sale.

Where to buy the Esky Key Finder

If you’re ready to stop losing all your important stuff, you can pick up an Esky Key Finder of your very own right now at Amazon. It lists for $27.99, but keep an eye out for sales and additional coupons. You may even want to buy a few, then add receivers to everything you end up losing. You can’t put a price on peace of mind, after all.

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