100 Easter Wishes to Send Your Friends and Family This Year

Tell somebunny you're thinking sweet thoughts about them this Easter season

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Spring has sprung, adorable baby animals are everywhere and all the good Easter candy is yours for the picking. Now it’s time to fill up those Easter baskets and visit your loved ones. After all, what is Easter if not the perfect time to connect with the most important people in your life? It doesn’t matter if your dearest ones are nearest or far-est—one of the best ways to celebrate the Easter season is to send a heartfelt message. Whether you’re feeling silly or sincere, writing to your bae, your bestie or thinking of Grandma, we’ve got you covered with all types of Easter wishes.

Make sending well wishes one of your Easter traditions using these printable Easter cards, one of our favorite Easter quotes (or Easter puns) or any of the messages below. You can send it through the mail or tuck the note into an Easter basket for kids, teens or adults.

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Happy Easter wishes

Bloom Where Youre Planted Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

1. Warm springtime wishes to you.

2. May your Easter be as full of love as my heart is for you.

3. May your basket be full of chocolate and flowers all year.

4. Peace, love and joy are my wishes for you this Easter.

5. May this beautiful Easter day live in your heart and mind forever.

6. There’s no one I’d rather spend Easter with than you.

7. May you find hope and happiness this beautiful Easter season.

8. I wish you every good thing this Easter season has to offer.

9. May your Easter Sunday be filled with warmth and light.

10. Wishing you an abundant life this Easter.

11. Bloom where you’re planted, and your flower will be uniquely beautiful.

12. May this Easter be as fun, sweet and beautiful as you.

13. Hope your Easter is as sweet as this chocolate bunny.

14. May you be richly blessed with health, wealth and happiness this Easter.

15. Easter is the gift for making it through the winter.

16. May the springtime sun light up your life this Easter.

Springtime Sun Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

17. Easter reminds us that after the darkness there is always light.

18. Here’s to new beginnings, fresh starts and sweet surprises this Easter season.

19. This Easter, I’m so grateful you are in my life today and every day.

20. I’m counting my blessings this Easter, and you’re certainly one of them. Thank you for being in my life.

21. Sending you the sweetest season’s greetings as we celebrate Easter.

22. Happy Easter to a wonderful soul. May this spring bring you nothing but the best.

23. May this Easter bring your family heaps of love and laughter.

24. Happy Easter—may the holiday be bountiful and filled with joy.

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Funny Easter wishes

Cadbury Eggs Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

25. Let me help you fill your Easter bingo card: sunshine, friends, brunch and chocolate.

26. Here’s to making your own Easter basket and hiding the solid chocolate bunnies from the kids.

27. There’s no one I’d rather spend Easter with than you. You give me all the peanut butter eggs.

28. Are you a chocolate bunny? Because I’d love to nibble your ears.

29. I wanted to wish you a Happy Easter, but I can’t make a peep—my mouth is too full of them.

30. Happy Day-After-Easter, when all the good chocolate is 50% off.

31. Wanna be my love bunny this Easter?

32. You’re more precious to me than Cadbury mini eggs.

33. I hope your Easter basket overflows with the good candy and not just that plastic grass.

34. Any calories consumed on Easter are as imaginary as the Easter Bunny. It’s science.

35. Celebrate with good cheer and good chocolate.

36. This Easter, it’s all about being grateful for the little things in life: jelly beans, mini eggs and truffles.

37. You’re a good egg. (Not like the one we forgot under the couch last year until we smelled it a month later.)

38. Did you know Easter started as a celebration of fertility? Let’s continue that tradition. (Wink, wink.)

39. I’ve put all my eggs in your basket. Here’s to many more Easters together.

40. This Easter, may you pick up a lot of chicks—the marshmallow candy kind.

41. I love you so much that I’ll never judge you for how many servings of ham and potatoes you eat on Easter.

42. Don’t get jelly—I’ve bean here for you all along.

43. Happy Easter to my favorite lil’ snack.

44. Do you like your eggs sunny-side up, over easy or Cadbury creme?

45. I love you more than jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

Jelly Beans Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

46. I won’t make you eat hard-boiled Easter eggs for the next week. Yeah, that’s how much I love you.

47. I hope you have a truly eggcellent Easter!

48. I’d share the good candy with you on Easter. Yeah, that’s how much you mean to me.

49. Happy Easter—I wouldn’t want to spend the holiday with anybunny else.

50. You’re the jelly to my bean, baby. Happy Easter!

51. Happy Easter … and by the way, I’m loving your hot cross buns.

Raise your hand if you want to create Easter baskets for your loved ones but are short on time. We get it. Pro tip: Buy premade Easter baskets instead of going the DIY route.

Religious Easter wishes

Religious Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

52. God bless you and yours during this Easter season.

53. This Easter Sunday, let us celebrate together our Savior, who died and then lived again for us.

54. Blessings to you as we remember Jesus, the reason for this season.

55. May your home be filled with the Holy Spirit of peace and love this Easter.

56. He is risen!

57. May you feel the warmth of Jesus’s love for you this Easter.

58. “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.” —John 3:16

59. He is the light and the miracle. Sing his praises this Easter!

60. “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy, he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” —1 Peter 1:3

61. Happy Easter! He died so that we may live again.

62. May the Lord lift up your heart and hands in praise this Easter.

63. Hallelujah! He is not here. He is risen, just as he said.

64. May the love of Christ fill your heart and hands this season.

65. As Jesus died and was resurrected, so too can we be made new in him.

66. This Easter, I’m so grateful to be your sister/brother in Christ and in our family.

Before Easter, we have Lent and Good Friday. Bookmark these Bible quotes to read over in celebration of the season’s religious observances.

Easter wishes for family

Spirit Of Easter Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

67. Hoppy Easter to you and your little bunnies!

68. Happy Easter to all my favorite Peeps!

69. Families are the greatest Easter gift of all.

70. Have a blessed and beautiful Easter with your loved ones.

71. May your beautiful family be blessed with health and happiness this Easter.

72. May the true spirit of Easter fill your home today and every day.

73. May your family bloom and grow as beautifully as the spring flowers this Easter.

74. I love you all so much, it’s not even bunny.

75. Where all my Peeps at? Let’s celebrate this eggscellent day.

76. I hope you all live hoppily ever after this Easter.

77. My family is my greatest Easter miracle.

78. Happy Easter—may the family have a spectacular holiday filled with sweet treats and marvelous memories.

79. The biggest blessing I’m grateful for this Easter is family. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday.

80. The sweetest thing about Easter isn’t the candy—it’s spending time with family. Enjoy the holiday with yours!

81. I’m so thankful I can spend this day surrounded by loved ones. Happy Easter to all.

82. You all make this celebration so special. Thank you for being here, and may this be the best Easter yet.

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Easter wishes for kids

Somebunny Easter Wishrd.com, Getty Images

83. Be my Easter bunny? I carrot about you a whole lot!

84. The only treat I want this Easter is to see you smile.

85. You’re somebunny special to me.

86. Giving you eggstra hugs and love today.

87. You are my favorite thing about Easter.

88. Have a hoppy Easter!

89. You’re my little Peep: sweet as sugar and soft on the inside.

90. My little one, you make my heart so hoppy!

91. I hop with joy every time I see you on Easter.

92. I carrot be more excited to spend Easter with you.

93. Hop into my arms, my little honey bunny.

94. Hip hip hooray! The Easter Bunny is on its way!

95. You’re my little jelly bean.

96. You’re the cutest little chick!

97. You’re the sweetest Easter treat I could ever ask for.

98. Hope you have an eggscellent Easter!

99. Have a great Easter! No eggscuses.

100. Happy Easter! Let’s hop to it!

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