We Tested Amazon’s Best-Selling Leggings on 8 Editors—Here’s How They Performed After One Year

Almost everyone agrees: Buy these Dragon Fit leggings and size down!

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It’s official. Amazon leggings are a wardrobe staple. They’re not just for the gym or yoga studio but an every day comfortable outfit choice—and who wants to wear real pants? While there are endless leggings options available, finding an affordable pair that stays up and isn’t see through is still a challenge.

We put our Amazon shopping skills and Prime account to good use to find the highly rated Dragon Fit leggings, with over 25,000 five-star ratings. The reviews and photos looked promising, but to see if they were worth the hype, we bought eight pairs in different sizes and colors and sent them to Reader’s Digest editors to test out in real life. Here’s what they thought after wearing them for one full year.

Dragon Fit Leggings Reviews

Dragon Fit Leggings Black Leopard: Size Medium

woman doing yoga in a studio on a yoga matReina Glenn/RD.com

As a former dancer, current yogi and lifelong athleisurite, my history with leggings is long and nuanced. To work for me, they have to be high-waisted, quick-dry and durable enough to stand up to a workout. Bonus points if they’re stylish enough to wear out. This black leopard pair from Dragon Fit looked promising right out of the packaging—the outer material felt substantial and remained opaque even with stretching, and the inside was soft with a flannel-like feel.

With my long torso, sometimes leggings billed as “high-waisted” barely reach my belly button, but these sat right at my true waist. They were a bit snugger than I liked at the top, but the moment I started moving in them, I was grateful for the fit. Through a complete stretching routine and 30-minute HIIT workout, these leggings did not budge.

The inner material seemed like it might retain too much heat when I first put them on, but even during the sweatiest part of the workout, they stayed surprisingly cool and dry to the touch. After a wash, the fit was identical, which was my favorite detail. I’d recommend these for anyone looking for heavy-duty leggings that hold you in place.

After a year of wear, these leggings have held up perfectly. The leopard print hasn’t been damaged in the wash and the fit has remained consistent. Because of their compression and thicker fabric, I choose them for winter workouts (shorts are my go-to when the weather warms up) so they aren’t my most-trafficked piece of workout wear, but that just means they’ll last for years to come.Reina Galhea, Deputy Shopping Editor

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Dragon Fit Leggings Charcoal Gray: Size Small

lower half of a woman in black leggings holding a water bottleTracey Neithercott/RD.com

As the sort of remote worker whose body barely remembers the feel of dress pants and jeans, I was all too eager to test drive a new pair of Dragon Fit leggings. Over 25,000 Amazon raters gave these five stars, and they’re right to say this is a pretty great pair for the price. Did I wear them during yoga? Yes. Did I wear them for even longer while lounging on the couch and bingeing Bridgerton? Absolutely.

While I loved the charcoal gray color and the pockets (three of them, and in super-convenient locations), they’re not quite as comfy as my Athleta Elation Tights. Granted, Athleta’s pair is nearly four times the price, but I like the softer fabric and the wide band that lays flat at the waist. Stitching on the Amazon leggings gives the illusion of a wide band, but there’s actually just an inch of elastic at the top that can pinch or roll. That wouldn’t stop me from ordering another pair, though. Did I mention the price?

After months of wear, these leggings are holding up well. Washing doesn’t shrink them, and repeat use doesn’t stretch them out. That said, I find myself gravitating to my Athleta Elation Tights when I need a reliable pair of leggings. They may cost more (a lot more), but they’re just more comfortable. —Tracey Neithercott, Digital Editor

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Dragon Fit Leggings Dark Green: Size XL

lower half of a woman in green leggings in a sunroom with plantsNicole Doster/Rd.com

To me, the best workout leggings are the ones that you forget about completely. Dragon Fit high-waisted leggings are made from soft, stretch fabric that felt like butter when I first tried them on. To test the leggings out, I wore them to my local gym’s HIIT classes, which included everything from rowing to squats to jogging. I can safely say that these leggings stood up to the test. No tugging or riding down! Win.

Apart from workouts, these leggings are super comfy to wear around the house or on errands. Their deep side pockets fit even the newest large-screen cell phones—and I was delighted to find a hidden back pocket that was convenient for long walks without a purse.

The only drawback I have to these leggings are that the fabric is slightly thinner than some of the other leggings that I own, which means panty lines inevitably show. The thinner fabric could also be a drawback for those who live in cold-weather states and prefer fleece-lined leggings.

Many gym classes and dog walks later, these leggings still hold up! I was surprised to see that there wasn’t as much pilling in the fabric as some of my other go-to leggings. I loved them so much that I bought a second pair in another color. —Nicole Doster, Content Director, Strategy and Performance

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Dragon Fit Leggings Black Fleece: Size Medium

lower half of a woman in black leggings holding a phoneMegan Wood/RD.com

My black Dragon Fit fleece-lined leggings arrived during a spring snow storm in Milwaukee—perfect timing. I was immediately impressed with how soft the interior fleece felt, and pulled them on for a Pilates reformer class. I’m 5’10” and usually wear a size four in pants. I ordered these in medium and found the length perfect—no unintended cropped ankles—an issue I’ve had with competitor leggings.

They passed the first test: walking to the studio in 20 degree temps and falling snow. I could barely feel the wind on my legs. Throughout the 50-minute advanced class that involved squats, lunges and planks, I only pulled the waist up once. I was worried that fleece-lined leggings might be too warm for indoor workouts, but the material was breathable and I was comfortable.

My only complaint is that these leggings don’t offer any compression or shaping. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing—butt-lifting leggings aren’t always a requirement. I’ve worn these walking my dog along arctic Lake Michigan, to the grocery store and while working remotely. They’re a definite cozy win.

These leggings held up through a second winter of regular wear and washings. These were my go-to leggings for days when I didn’t want to turn up the thermostat indoors, and to keep my bottom half warm on long dog walks. I’m happy to report the interior and exterior aren’t pilled and the elasticity in the waist is strong. Avoiding the dryer is likely the secret to their longevity. I plan on wearing these for many more Midwest winters. —Megan Wood, Executive Shopping Editor

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Dragon Fit Leggings Ink Blue: Size Small

woman wearing leggings taking picture of herself in a mirrorMegan Mowery/RD.com

I’m on the short side—barely above 5 feet tall—so length is my main concern when I buy leggings. However, I wanted these ink blue leggings to reach my ankles, so I opted against the capri length.

I found that the length wasn’t bad, hitting just at the top of my feet, but the material is baggy around my ankles and knees. If I ordered the leggings again, I’d likely size down to an extra-small, but I’m hesitant because the waistband fits comfortably as-is. I like that the leggings have pockets on each leg that are deep enough to easily fit my iPhone, plus a tech pocket in the back of the waistband. The high waistband is comfortable and flattering, and it doesn’t budge as I move around.

I tested the leggings during a full-body strength workout and found the thick, opaque material to be impressively squat-proof. However, I prefer a tight, compressive legging for working out (like these butt-lifting shorts), and these were a tad too stiff and loose for my taste. As I sweated through the workout, the leggings weren’t as breathable as I’d like them to be. But thanks to their deep pockets and comfortable fit, I’d gladly wear them around the house or running errands.

After months of wear, the leggings have held up well! They’re still a little baggy around the ankles, but they’ve held their shape and stretchiness. They’re not exactly a replacement for Lululemon, but they’re a pretty good substitution for my Wunder Trains when they’re in the wash.Megan Mowery, Senior Shopping Editor

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Dragon Fit Leggings Navy: Size Large

woman standing outside in leggingsKristine Gasbarre/RD.com

I gave these navy Dragon Fit leggings the weekend test. Meaning, while I essentially live in leggings, on the weekends I’m typically very much on the move. The weekend was the perfect time to test whether these leggings could roll with everything from a four-mile walk and cleaning out my car to a little yard work and playing fetch with my dog.

I’m delighted to report that these passed. I was happy I’d ordered the larger of the two sizes I’d considered, because they definitely seem to run a smidge small for me. Then again, the result is that I love the compression I’ve felt during every task. They seem to hug me in all the right places.

I also really like the three pockets. They’re perfect for dropping my phone into when I needed to be hands-free quickly and don’t have a belt bag. And the navy color is surprisingly neutral. It coordinates with pretty much everything I’ve paired with it!—Kristine Gasbarre, Senior Editor

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Dragon Fit Leggings Black: Size Large

lower half of a woman in black leggings, shown in a bedroom mirrorKelly Kuehn/RD.com

I wore these Dragon Fit leggings all day, twice a week, for about two weeks. I can easily sit, stand, squat, do yoga and chase after my dog in them. Plus, I don’t have to worry about my underwear peeking through. Such a relief. The waist stayed in place pretty much all day. I rarely, if at all, had to hike them up. It also hugs my shape without digging into my stomach. Oh, and the pockets? AWESOME!

Admittedly, there’s an extra inch or two of legging at my ankles (I’m 5’5″), so it bunches up a bit—but it’s not distracting or uncomfortable. I also have some extra room behind my knees in this pair of leggings, which I don’t have with my other pairs. I’m typically between sizes but I ordered a size larger for this pair. I bet if I sized down, they’d fit a little snugger around the legs. They even held up great after washing.

I’m happy to report that after a year, my Dragon Fit leggings are still going strong and remain a staple in my wardrobe. They continue to hug my shape in all the right places even after a year’s worth of washes. Plus, they have zero (yes, zero!) holes, which I’m very happy about. Time after time, I’ve tossed a beloved pair of leggings in the trash due to tearing or ripping, but the Dragon Fit leggings have truly stood the test of time…and yoga…and dog chasing!

The upper thigh area has light pilling, and I still have some extra room around the ankles and knees. But hey, if those are the only blips a pair of leggings have after a year of use, I really can’t complain, can I? Oh, and I’m still eternally grateful for the pockets on these leggings—they’re perfect for carrying my phone and keys when hiking with the pup. If you haven’t gotten a pair yet, treat yourself and snag some ASAP. Kelly Kuehn, Associate Editor

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Dragon Fit Leggings Black Capri: Size XL

woman doing yoga in leggings on a yoga mat in her living roomcourtesy Jill Schildhouse

All I have to say is: Three pockets! While I don’t use the Dragon Fit leggings‘ pockets during yoga, I really appreciate them when I go for a walk or wear them while traveling. The smaller side pockets easily hold necessities like a house key and lip balm. There’s a bonus hidden pocket in the back of the waistband that accommodates my iPhone (even in its big Otterbox case), and it’s surprisingly comfy to store it there. The material is nice and thick, and the sizing is true. My only complaint is that they roll down under my tummy during some yoga flows.—Jill Schildhouse, Health Writer

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